Easiest WordPress Hosting Services for Beginners

There are many occasions on which you may want to start a blog or a website. But you don’t want to deal with installations and setup. So using an easy WordPress hosting service with the best features should fix the problem and help.

In this post, you’ll find the list of the best web hosts that offers simple management for WordPress sites with all the tools you need in one place even without the need to install any CMS.

Best easy-to-use web hosts for bloggers

1. HostGator (shared, managed hosting)

Without the need for any complicated tools, HostGator is the best solution for WordPress sites that need speed, security, and fast assistance at once. You don’t have to look for developers to fix issues, all you need is to call customer support and get help in real-time.

There are 3 types of web hosting solutions, shared, managed, and VPS. The shared hosting is the cheapest option, it comes with cPanel, and here are the prices:

The next level of hosting is managed WordPress which comes with more server resources, an extra level of security and options, and of course, a dedicated control that’s simplified and super easy to use.

As websites grow, they’ll need more resources like disk space and even a dedicated IP and sitewide SSL certificate for eCommerce especially which introduce the VPS plans. You don’t need them for a simple, blog, only think about WordPress VPS if your site grows quickly and needs all the power.

HostGator is well known for its cloud hosting plans, and for WordPress, there is a managed service you can signup for. Of course, there will be faster site loading time compared to their shared hosting. However, there are three different packages to choose from. What I recommend is determining the number of WordPress installations you really want to have. But, if you only need a single site, then, choose the first plan and save money.

Here is an overview of what this web host offers:

  • Free domain for yearly plans
  • Automatic daily site backups and restore with one click
  • Dedicated WordPress hosting control panel for managed plans
  • Faster site loading time than traditional hosting solutions
  • Free SSL certificate
  • Premium quality customer support
  • Free email accounts included
  • Optimized servers for WordPress
  • PHP acceleration and extra levels of security
  • Free site migration service
  • Unmetered site storage
  • Lots of tutorials and step by step guides for beginners

2. Nexcess (fully managed hosting)

Because I know that Nexcess is a top-notch WordPress hosting platform that I’m using, I can tell you how easy is it to start your site. First, this is not any regular web host, it’s the fastest managed and fully optimized WordPress hosting that never lets you waste the time with updates and technical issues.

When you create your web hosting account dedicated especially for WordPress sites, you get the software installed and fully optimized for speed, performance, and security. And then, you have your WordPress credentials to login and see your admin area.

Nexcess is owned by Liquid Web that offers something special and unique for WordPress users. In fact, there is a central dashboard for all your sites, so, you can manage WordPress blogs from one account.

The dashboard is not only simple and easy to navigate but also powerful in features. For example, there is a menu for clearing the site cache if you make changes in theme CSS. So, that will be helpful. Moreover, there is simple and automatic access to the WordPress database with one click, and of course, access using SFTP or SSH.

When you first create your WordPress site, you’ll find good surprises in the plugins list

  • First, it’s the premium version of the famous WordPress security and malware scan plugin called iThemes Security Pro
  • Second, there will be the iThemes Sync plugin that allows you to manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard.
  • And third, you’ll find a premium version of image optimization and compression plugin that speeds up your site. All their premium tools are offered for free just because you selected their premium hosting services.

Simplified WordPress hosting experience

Optimizing WordPress for speed, security, and performance takes too much time, especially for beginners who know nothing about plugin code, theme editing, and server configurations.

I saw WordPress beginners spend days and nights trying to follow online tutorials to apply the same settings for caching plugins without achieving the level of optimization and speed they looked for.

Forget all these things today as you don’t need any of these tools or any caching plugin with Nexcess’s easy WordPress hosting. There is server-level caching on multiple layers which makes WordPress work faster than any other web hosting environment. Additionally, you’ll find a modern, yet simple dashboard for site management and access.

Best of all, the only thing that you have to focus on is your website content, let experts manage the servers peed, security and update your WordPress plugins and make sure there is no conflict with your code when a new version of WordPress is released. By using this hosting you’ll solve 90% of WordPress-related issues, and what you can do is build the best content your user deserves.

Here is why a simple, yet super fast WordPress web host is the best

  • Unique web hosting dashboard for WordPress sites only
  • One of its kind optimized hosting infrastructure
  • Easy to use interface
  • No page view limits and no traffic limits
  • Optimized server RAM and sophisticated caching that rocks
  • Automatic WordPress installation and optimization
  • Premium plugins included for free
  • Daily site backup happens automatically
  • One-click, WordPress site restore if you want to undo changes
  • You can manage multiple WordPress sites from one dashboard
  • Automatic image compress when you upload them to WordPress
  • Automatically login to the database with one click
  • Stop worrying about security, it’s super-secure hosting that stop DDoS attacks and more.
  • No need to update plugins or WordPress, expert WP engineers do that for you
  • Dedicated hosting area for testing purposes (live site is separated from staging)
  • A long list of up to date tutorial, guides, and helpful resources for their WordPress site owners
  • First-class customer support
  • Enterprise-grade architecture that handles millions of visits
  • WooCommerce optimized hosting, so you can build an eCommerce site easily and sell online, etc…

3. InMotion Hosting

When you sign up for a web hosting plan with InMotion Hosting, the system installs WordPress for you and that’s because you have the choice to add WordPress or other CMS when creating the account.

Next, get your welcome email, and log in to WordPress, as easy as that. InMotion offers a different plan for WordPress and the cost depends on the server resources you get. But without a doubt, it’s one of the best blog hosting solutions for WordPress.

You can choose from their hundreds of free themes to install or use the BoldGrid WordPress site build tool that comes with easy but powerful utilities. In fact, BoldGrid is the easiest WordPress site builder plugin you can use and get sire running in minutes.

  • Easy to use WordPress hosting
  • Free migration service for your existing blog (if you have one)
  • Simple WordPress hosting
  • A technician will take care of your existing domain and file transfer if you want
  • Easy WordPress themes and site-building
  • They have web design and SEO services if you need them
  • A dedicated IP address for their managed WordPress VPS
  • Step by step guide on how to build WordPress sites, pages and manage them
  • Easy hosting service that offers email and SSL…

Besides the managed blog hosting plans, InMotion offers dedicated WordPress hosting for high-traffic sites, and it comes with full management, extra levels of security, and priority customer support.

Because InMotion offers an easy website builder and also hosting that works well, you can add a beautiful theme and design your own landing page in minutes without wasting time. The premade templates help you customize the design of your landing page and build a complete website.

4. Bluehost (shared)

It’s not because Bluehost is officially recommended by WordPress, I just added it here. But Bluehost has an optimized hosting for WordPress that comes with automatic installation, and a dedicated management dashboard.

Please note, the Bluehost shared hosting does not come with a dedicated dashboard for WordPress it includes cPanel which may look overwhelming for beginners. Instead, there is a Pro WordPress hosting with a WordPress panel that you can use easily like the following screenshot example I created.

Bluehost WordPress dashboard

Everything is simple to use, no more installation scripts or complicated tools. When you create your account, the web host installs WordPress for you automatically. And upon signup, you get your WordPress site login details with all the other information you need.

Next, you can access the admin area, add your content and it’s better to install the recommended plugins for security and easy content creation. If you have no idea about these tools, email me and I’ll suggest the right plugins you have to install before creating any page or post. There is some basic setup that even a child can configure with a few clicks.

Here is how simple this web hosting is:

  • You get a pre-installed WordPress hosting
  • No need for auto-installer tools
  • WordPress credential will be ready in minutes
  • Your domain name will be configured for you automatically
  • You don’t need to edit DNS or add any complicated records
  • Pre-Installed WordPress theme and you can add your own or choose from hundreds of others
  • Good customer support that can help you 24/7 by phone or live chat

5. NameCheap

NameCheap offers an easily managed WordPress hosting that costs less and offers more resources than other providers. There is no cPanel, and that’s better for you, instead, there is a custom-managed WordPress dashboard that’s simple, and powerful at the same time. Unlike complicated cPanel things with Namecheap’s Easy WP hosting, you can see the site back up, domain files ad the database, etc.

Here is why this managed WordPress hosting rocks

  • Easy to use dashboard
  • Global CDN included
  • Easy backup and restore
  • Simple managed WordPress hosting
  • High availability
  • 3 times faster than shared hosting

No matter if you want to start your first WordPress site, or build a web store, using this simple hosting service will save you a lot of time. Instead of thinking about SSL installations, domain name mapping, and file management, you get WordPress pre-installed and ready in under one minute which is great.

The quickest way to get your WordPress blog ready in minutes is by using any of the above web hosting services.  But it’s not all about ease of use and simplicity of dashboards, also, it’s about the quality of the web hosting and its customer support.

Creating a website in minutes is exciting, but what about problem solving and issues that you might get in the future? How would you like to get the support? by phone, live chat, or just wait days to get a reply to your ticket like what happens with other companies?

Now, even if Namecheap offers the easiest way to host a website, it’s not that fast as first-class web hosts like the one on the top list of this page. However, you can still use Namecheap’s managed WordPress hosting plans to start a simple blog that can be used for personal uses without paying a lot of money for that.

My easy WordPress hosting recommendations

Because not everyone is looking for the same things, I’ll make the choice easy for you. If you want the best quality WordPress hosting that’s fully optimized, managed, and well protected, then, choose Nexcess.

It’s hard to find a better web host that beats them on speed and security, and of course, there is one dashboard that’s dedicated to hosting all your sites and managing them from one location.

On the other hand, if you want to cut the cost of web hosting, and get quality services, then, HostGator will work for you. It’s easy to use and offers all the tools that a WordPress website needs.

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