How to Find out if your Spouse has Another SIM Card

When you detect some signs of cheating in your marriage or relationship, you may prefer looking for a way to find out if your spouse has another SIM card that he hides and uses for others. Probably he or she keeps that phone number secret and never told you about it. At the same time, if the person seems to be talking to others secretly over a cell phone, then you have some search options to find the answers.

On some occasions on which, people separate their contact details, and they buy a burner number to stay in contact with the person they used to call, without letting their partners know about that. Having a secret number can be somehow successful for many, especially men. But if the wife uses the right techniques that we’ll talk about next, she can find every hidden contact information he hides.

Finding a hidden cell phone number or SIM

Search for hidden numbers by name

This is the easiest way to see if someone has another SIM card or not. In reality, by using advanced people search tools like the following search system (Green Button), you can locate any phone number that someone owns in parallel with his main one.

Here is one example of 17 phone numbers (mobile and landline) found when searching for someone.

Other mobile numbers

If you need to find your spouse’s secret phone, make sure you use this method. The system works by scanning its huge database of public records found in the USA. Then, it combines different algorithms to locate every piece of information about individuals. In other words, the tool can discover millions of names, social profiles, and phone numbers in one place.

Next, it understands how the data is linked and shows in a clear report if somebody (probably your wife or husband) owns a second number or not under his contact details.

The advantage of this solution is that you don’t have to spend hours searching hundreds of sites to find the information. Instead, you can tell if someone has two sim cards when you see another number under their contact details. Hence, it’s a good sign that he’s hiding that mobile number and using it for secret affairs.

Search by the phone number

Lots of people use reverse phone numbers lookup tools like the above one to find cheaters and their secondary contact details. It works the same as the above method, but it has a different approach. Instead of the person’s name, these tools can bring you the possible numbers associated with someone’s cell phone number. So, just type their mobile phone number into the search box and find their information.

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The best thing about using your spouse’s phone number to find his other contact details is that it can find possible WhatsApp numbers he hides.

If the spouse hides another SIM, it won’t be used on his main phone. Of course, there are many small smartphones and even old-style devices that can be used for a secret chat or for making calls. That means there is a possibility that the guy hides another phone somewhere in the room or even outside if that’s what he prefers.

Check his mobile phone

This is how to find out if someone has two phone numbers or not. When your partner is not using his phone, and he’s doing other things, look at the top right corner of his smartphone screen. Just click any of his home buttons, like the iPhone one, or even the volume buttons. Then, if there are two cellular signals, that means dual SIM cards are being used. Meantime, that also can tell there is one physical SIM and another virtual one used directly by the carrier.

Dual SIM status on iPhone

In some devices, you can check if there is a single or dual SIM. But that depends on the brand as Samsung is not the same as Google phones for Apple iPhones. So, keep that in mind and look for your husband’s phone specifications on Google and see where the SIM card is located and if it supports double lines or a single card.

When looking for a hidden SIM card, don’t forget that people can use the Burner app. It’s a way to get secondary phone numbers to use directly from an Application they install on iPhone.

Now, if your spouse has an iOS device, you need to look at his list of applications installed. Try that and see if you notice any tool that’s supposed to be added to create disposable or private phone numbers that they’ll throw away later.

If you want to use the code *#06#, keep in mind that iPhone supports one physical SIM card and another secondary virtual number. Now, by typing the code on iPhone, you’ll see two IMEI serial numbers and not a single one. Does that mean the phone has a dual SIM on it? The answer is No.

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By default, each iPhone (the new ones) comes with two IMEI, even if the person is not using that virtual number option. Consequently, it’s not a good trick to tell if someone has a secondary phone number.

Other options to uncover secret mobile phones

Because many software technologies crawl websites, blogs, and web pages globally, dedicated people search engines can know if someone has a sideline number and list that under his data.

Next time, when someone wants to look up their details, he may see the list of numbers they own. Of course, that does not mean the person is actually using his cell number. But that can tell you if he’s the probable owner or not.

A sideline number can be traced by these search engines as they crawl social media profiles and find public data in combination with private sources of information. So, if the numbers were listed somewhere on the internet, then yes, they can be traced and associated with the person’s name and details.

That being said, some tools can use private databases that contain millions of cell numbers and their owners. So, it all depends on the freshness of the data that these systems show for users.

Creating an account on Facebook requires an email or a valid cell phone number to receive the activation code. That gives people the ability to find their relatives and partners using that number. However, that can work only if the person already chooses to enable the feature of finding them on Facebook by that number.

For that reason, don’t expect this method to work for everyone. If the guy hides that personal information, then Facebook won’t let you locate it easily.

Once you’re on Facebook, search for your spouse’s mobile number using the top search box. Next, click on the button and see if there is any associated profile. You may try to filter the Facebook search by clicking on “People”, and if that does not show any data, try another social media site like Twitter or LinkedIn.

Signs a husband has two SIM cards

If you don’t have access to any of these search solutions, you still have many ways to tell if your partner has two SIM cards or at least hides another number. Look at the following signs:

  • Your husband avoids answering some calls when you’re around
  • He hides his phone and doesn’t want you to see what he’s doing
  • Sometimes, your man takes the phone outside the room and whispers when calling or getting calls from someone
  • You may hear lots of Texting notifications day and night (like WhatsApp, Facebook, etc…)
  •  The guy becomes addicted to his phone in a way that looks wired
  • There are other mobile charges you don’t recognize (probably there are other cell phones there)
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When looking at these signs, carefully think about every detail. So, ask yourself where would your husband hide a phone? The garage is a good place, but als, the man can hide the device in the car etc… It’s just a way to help you find any possible hidden number your partner uses. You can also watch how your husband reacts when you catch him talking to someone on the phone. Body language may be useful, especially when a man is hiding something.

Why would a spouse hide another SIM or number?

Before making any conclusion, you need to do your research first. Check if your husband is hiding any mobile phone, or watch him around and see if there are any suspicious signs of cheating.

If someone has a second phone number, that does not mean he’s using it for cheating. But also, that does not mean the guy is not using it for his secret affairs. Thus, everything needs verification and further investigation to determine if your conclusion is correct or wrong.

These are some possible reasons why your husband may have two SIM cards or multiple phone numbers:

  • He’s using that SIM card for work
  • It’s the second phone number your man uses for website signups (to avoid using the main number for privacy reasons)
  • The man talks to someone or texts somebody, and he doesn’t want to reveal his real number
  • He’s using dating sites or texting girls on your back


By following these tricks and tips, you may be able to find if your partner has a second number or SIM card on his smartphone. But without being all the way confident, don’t expect to find that at 100% because he can hide his private details and never use that secret number anywhere on the web.

Spouses might use one mobile number for their girlfriends. And that often happens with cheaters and another SIM card for their friends and family members. So, always double-check the details you find using the Internet.

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