Fixing the WordPress Blank Page After a Plugin Update or Install

It happens sometimes that you install or update a plugin, and then, you can’t access your admin area or any page on your website. That’s an issue with your plugin that you’ve updated.

In other words, the main cause is the newest version of that tool that’s not fully compatible with your settings, or with other functions. It’s exactly like the white screen of death when you add a theme or update it.

In other cases, the hosting provider can be the problem. Now, if you get a WordPress blank page without any error after plugin update, then, follow these easy steps to fix the problem.

Fixing the WordPress white screen problem

To be able to solve the problem, you need to have access to your blog or website files using an FTP client. I recommend Filezilla for the shared hosting servers, and Cyberduck for the VPS and the dedicated servers. Both works, but, you need the second one that encrypts the connections for better security.

In the below screenshot example, I’ll use the Cyberduck software to show you the exact steps to follow.

As the problem was caused by a plugin update and not any other thing, you need to deactivate that exact plugin from your WordPress directory. To do that, log in using your FTP software, then, find the directory called wp-content. It’s the one in the same location as other directories such as, the wp-admin, and wp-includes.

WordPress blank page after plugin update fix

Then, open that directory, and you should find the plugins folder. Just open it, as the following screenshot example.

Plugins folder

Of course, you will get all the list of your installed plugins. You need to rename the one that you’ve updated recently, and that you think caused the problem.

As an example, if you’ve updated the Yoast plugin, to the latest version from your WordPress admin area, and you can’t access the dashboard page after that. Then, your problem will be that plugin, to make it inactive, you need to rename its folder to anything else.

For example, you can rename the folder, ”YoastOFF”, and WordPress won’t detect that plugin, because the folder is not added in the database settings for the plugins.

In other words, the databases still point to the old name which is ”Yoast” and not the new one. It’s the easiest way to deactivate plugins and themes, by just renaming their folders.

Remember that the upgrade is broken, and you need to fix that. So, you should be able to access your admin area after logging. Next, rename the plugin folder back to its default name, and try updating the plugin again. If it works, that will be great, and your problem will be solved.

If you can’t log in again, or you get that blank page, then, the plugin should only work with the old version. You don’t need to remove the plugin completely, as you’re using it.

Instead of all that, you need to find the old version from the official WordPress directory, and then, download and upload that exact version and everything will be fine.

The WordPress plugins directory, let you choose an old version of the plugin that you want to install. Just visit the plugin page in WordPress, and scroll down to the right section of the page, to find the version as the next screenshot.

Old plugin version install

Thus, you will be able to make your website working again. Apply the same steps for every plugin or theme that you want to change back to its old version. But, make sure to try the update again, and see if it works or not. Avoid using plugins from sources that no one trust, and you will avoid lots of problems.

As I said earlier, the plugins installation problems can also be caused by the hosting provider. Many services offer a low-quality server configuration that kills the site speed and performance. That’s why moving to a premium and fully managed WordPress hosting is the right solution.

I recommend WP Engine, it’s the best and the premium hosting that solves all the problems. Just focus on your website content, and never waste your time with server options, and forget problems forever.

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