How to Create a Paid Membership Website

Starting a membership website is a dream for everyone who believes in professional services that require private access, and make money through paid subscriptions and product sales. But sometimes, people fail when choosing the wrong tools to build that business. Luckily, WordPress is the most powerful platform not only for blogging but also for creating a membership site.

Today, you’ll learn how to create a paid membership website, but using the famous WordPress platform that makes things easier and more secure. It’s not rocket science to build your website and make it private for registered members. Keep reading, and you will find all the powerful solutions that you need and that will guarantee your success.

Best WordPress membership plugins

The first thing you need is a powerful and professional plugin developed by coders who have experience and know exactly what membership websites work. If you’re serious about creating a membership website in WordPress, I highly recommend the following plugins, just use one of them of course.

  1. WishList is the best membership plugin for WordPress, that offers a total management system for the website.
  2. InstaMember is the second recommended plugin to create a complete membership website.

These plugins come with exclusive videos and guides to create your membership site. When you use a WordPress paid subscription plugin, you build a powerful business and secure your site at the same time. In other words, you get all, and even more than you need to succeed. These tutorials and tips are included in your license.

This is the best WordPress membership plugin until now that run, secure, and give your website the power and features to attract members and succeed in your business. The Wishlist member license includes the below features:

Unlimited Membership Levels

Creating one or thousand-membership levels is not a problem. For example, if you can add a starter level, gold and platinum level, you’re only limited to your imaginations.

Shopping Carts and Payment processors

No membership website can live without payment systems. You get the following payment processors and shopping carts:

  • PayPal
  • 1Shopping Cart
  • ClickBank
  • Infusionsoft
  • Premium Web Cart
  • QuickPayPro
  • and Red Oak Cart
  • Easy membership options

This is a website membership management software, So, you can offer free, or trial membership options, and include them in the main paid membership plans. This is an easy and great way to drive new customers who need to test the website before paying.

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How to Createa Paid Membership Website

Start your website in Seconds

You don’t have to build a website from scratch, or even add other functions to your actual site. All you have to do is to upload the Zip file and activate your membership website with a simple click. Your site gets the power from the WordPress content management, and the professional services from the plugin.

Controlled and multilevel access

You can create unlimited access for some levels and limit other resources and files to specific membership levels. In other words, you can hide the access for any area with just a click, press the “hide” button, and you will limit other membership levels to access that area.

Full member management system

You can view your member and their registration status, you can also upgrade or downgrade members and set an automatic upgrade. For example, if the trial period is limited to 30 days, then the member status will be upgraded from trial to Gold, which is a paid subscription.

Login Redirection and custom page errors

You can set a specific page that a member will see after logging. Also, you can set a custom page for each membership level. If a member takes the wrong way, you can send them to a specific error page with information to help them and make things easy to understand.

Partial content display

If you have a paragraph with rich content and you want to hide and limit sentences to your members or even some membership levels, you can do that with a simple click.

Powerful and total content protection

Your full content is protected from not allowed access. You can limit access to any category, or page, and set what levels can view or read that page, it’s up to you.

You don’t have to worry about the website security and content limitations, all are protected and well-organized. Just run your site and set your membership options.

Run an affiliate program with your membership site

The best way to get new paid memberships is to offer an affiliate program for your website. Luckily, you don’t have to do anything. You will get an included affiliate program total management, with click tracking and all the powerful features that affiliate programs have.

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These are some of the great features about the Wishlist, to your powerful and membership website with simple clicks. Also, you can integrate the most popular marketing mailing services including

  • Aweber
  • Mailchimp
  • iContact
  • GetResponse, and more.

You get professional videos and tutorials, to create your website without the need to look at any other place and search for them. All you need is included and even more with the multi-license plan.

For example, you get free bonuses including premium WordPress themes to make your website unique and optimized for browsers and search engines. Also, you get lots of plugins and icons and much more with the multi-site license.

The best thing about this service is that they have fast, and great customer support to help their members running their websites and answer every single question. This is the professional and secure way to start your membership website using WordPress,

If you think about starting with free tools. You will find yourself limited from the first day, you can’t control your website and secure member access, and the next day, or later, you will return again to the Wishlist member to build your website with it. This is why I recommend using it now and never risk your website with free and risky tools.

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