How to Make Money with Affiliate Marketing for Beginners

Affiliate marketing is the fastest way to grow a business online and get new customers, but it’s also the best way to make money online. With thousands of products in different niches, you can promote the programs that you want and succeed. However, you need to learn some tips and information that you forget sometimes, or never heard about them before.

In this post, I’ll show you how to make money with affiliate marketing, especially for beginners. But, the most important thing is to learn Affiliate marketing and how to succeed with it and earn a real income.


Ways to start an affiliate marketing business

The first thing you should know about affiliate marketing is that thousands of people, if not millions are trying to promote the same product. So, you need to select the product with fewer affiliates and start promoting it.

Most of the affiliate networks like ClickSure allow you to browse the different categories and find what products attract affiliates. Your job here is avoiding popular products in the top 10 list, and select other products that you can promote without competition.

To make money with affiliate marketing, you have two general ways:

  1. Drive free traffic with blog articles: This needs real work and patience.
  2. Advertise on different websites: This is a fast method to drive traffic to your affiliate programs and make money, but it needs money to invest.

Let’s take a look inside each way and compare them to find the best one for you.

1. Blogging and make money as an affiliate marketer

To drive targeted visitors to any product, you have to understand the basics of SEO. It’s not rocket science, but it’s better to have an idea.

I recommend driving organic traffic because it’s the only way to succeed. You’re not paying for advertising, and people will come every day to see your product and have an idea about it. You just need to create a blog and start creating good quality reviews about the services or, the programs, and be honest with your readers.

If you find something negative include it in the review, you will never lose people, they know that all products are a mix of good and negative points. They will trust you, and this is the biggest investment that you can make.

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The biggest mistake that people still making is selecting a domain name based 100% on keywords. That’s what will destroy their blogs, long domain names with 4 or more keywords are just a waste of time, Google treats them as spam. You will never get traffic from search engines that way.

You should choose a general domain name and never limit yourself with a product, this looks like spam, and no one will trust you. For example, instead of creating a blog about ShareASale which is a good affiliate network. Create a blog about home jobs, this is a general topic, and you can add as many other product reviews as you want.

That way, you stay adding more reviews without leaving your blog and grow it at the same time.

Your next step is promoting your blog on social networks, Google Plus, Twitter, Pinterest, and Facebook are what you need. Just be active and spend some time every day promoting your reviews, and it’s better to create a page.

But, that doesn’t mean to get quality traffic, but you can make the traffic better when you talk to the right groups for example, or page.

When you complete all the above steps and never quit your blog, you will notice small traffic from Google every day, then huge traffic later. It needs some time and patience, but don’t expect to get that traffic in two days.

2. Paid affiliate marketing ways

If you don’t have the time and knowledge to create a blog and spend hours, creating and optimizing articles, you can advertise with popular networks. If you want to start with Google AdWords, which is the best. You have to create a page about the product and drive traffic from Google ads, they don’t allow affiliate links in their ads.

The best thing about the advertising way is to get fast sales, but with thousands of clicks. A few hundred clicks won’t give your sales in general. You need lots of traffic from websites, but the result will be better if the source of the traffic is quality.

The worst thing is that you find yourself with other advertisers who pay more to get the traffic. So, you need to increase your clicks cost each time.

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On the other side, I recommend using the Bing ad network, it’s the best one for small businesses as it comes with low cost and great conversion rates.

You can also advertise with Facebook or Pinterest. You can target your audience as you want and set up your daily budget, just limit your audience as possible. This will guarantee targeted traffic and people who want to buy it.

The recommended affiliate marketing course

Affiliate marketing is always hard work that can be done in a few months, or years, in other cases when people don’t have the time and the knowledge about everything that they need. I just want to recommend a high-quality learning and training system called Pathway to Passive from the super affiliate Mark Ling and his team. Also, they show you exactly how to start an affiliate marketing website, professionally.

They offer a unique guide to affiliate marketing for newbies, and courses with over 90 videos, and lots of guides and step by step tutorials, to start an affiliate business like a pro. Even, they offer exclusive tools to their members, giving their amazing courses a try will not only open your eyes to another world of business that you’ve never thought exists.

Also, you will get all the knowledge and tips from a marketer who spent years testing and changing strategies to give them to you, ready to apply for your membership.


These are the two ways that guaranteed sales with affiliate marketing. All the other ways like posting on forums and safelists are just a waste of time. As you can see blogging is the way without investment, but, with real and long-term profit.

You don’t have to pay for ads, because you get the best targeted visitors from Google and other search engines. But, the challenge is to work hard to build your blog and make it useful for people who come to find your honest reviews and then purchase the product. Just follow the above tips, and you will make money with affiliate marketing.

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