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How to Know if Comments are Spam in your Blog

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Installing your first blog and start building the best content for your readers seems easy. But, when you receive thousands of comments everyday, things will need a little intention to manage, and this is why I’m writing this post.

Before doing anything, make sure to understand how to protect your blog from spam comments. You can read how to add CAPTCHA to comments, then, install the JetPack plugin that comes with the Akismet tool, which detect spam comments automatically.

To ensure that every comment that you approve is good and not a spam, follow the below cases, one by one.

Things to verify in your blog comments

Links in comments

When you see one link in a comment, at least, the probability of spamming is high. However, in many cases, people who want to add the value and make your post better, they can add a link to a specific topic that’s related to your post.

When you see a link, never click on it, it can be used to attack your website, or the browser and the full system later.

How to Know if Comments are Spam

Just verify that the website or the blog is good and not just another spam. WordPress protect your site from risks, and it lets you see the page of the link, by just hovering over it.

Then, waits a few seconds until that WordPress gives you the site preview, and decide if it’s good or not. At the same time, if you see many links, that’s a spam in general, and you have to delete that comment instantly.

A website or a product name

This is the easiest way to detect spam comments and delete them instantly. If someone uses his website name or a product name, that’s a spam and no one will see it as a good comment. Google sees website names in the comments as a real spamming, and your site will be affected, as you don’t spend the time to protect it.

So, whenever you see this kind of names, delete the comment. People know that they should use their real name, or at least, a name of a person and not products or websites. That anchor text will be a harmful link to your blog, and both, the commenter and the website, where the comments is will be treated as spammers.

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That’s the general rule that applies in the new world of SEO and blogging. Knowing this easy thing is not complicated, and it will protect your business easily.

The “thanks for the post” comments

Please be careful with comments that contain a few words that thank you for the article, and things like that. Even, if they’re real, it will never add a value to your content, and in many cases, they look like a way to promote your post with fake comments.

Thousands of people use software that scans the web and post automatic comments with a few words. They can link to s permanent domain, and then, redirect the link to a spam site that will affect your site directly.

Of course, the default WordPress comments are not followed by search engine crawlers. But, that never means that your site is fully protected. If someone post a spam, or even, a dangerous link in your site, that’s a signal of low quality and poor moderation strategy.

In other words, if you can’t protect your blog from spammers, Google will not trust you (as it should be). So, keep it simple and ask yourself some questions with every new comment that bypass the filtering tool.

Also, be careful also with the ”off topic” comments. Even, if they look good with information, never approve them if you think that they’re with no relations to your post topic.

Search engine crawlers scan and read these comments, and the quality of your articles can be reduced by comments, without any value.

Just read when people posting their comments if there is a relation between their comments, and your post and why they post it there.

Now, it’s your job to approve or not your website comments. But, remember that if you can’t do the job properly, hire someone who can, and stay safe and looks professional in the eyes of people and search engines, at the same time.

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