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Read this Before Buying HP Notebooks: The Worst Laptops I’ve Seen

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It seems that more people are finding the same problems with HP products, especially, the notebooks. In the recent few days, a friend of mine used some online review sites to find more details about the product that he wanted to buy. However, no one of the reviews that he was reading helped in reality. After that he received the laptop, problems started from the first use.

Very slow laptop with nothing professional

The product was the HP ”15-d001sk” which is a Notebook. Of course, it’s a cheap product compared to a real laptop with great performance and speed. But, this one was nothing in the end, the ”sleep” option in Windows is not functional.

Also, the speed of that 2 GB RAM was inaccurate, it’s like an old computer with 1 GB of RAM. After a few hours of testing and optimizing the machine, he noticed that the HP official website offers drivers for the graphics and other things.

The problem that no one else, especially, from the HP company will tell you is that when you download their BIOS updating tool, and install it, your machine will stop working.

That’s the biggest problems that happened to thousands of people with that exact model, but also, with others, like the HP Pavillion, and more.

Installing Windows is a disaster

Now, the situation becomes critical and the person who bought the product wanted to reinstall windows from scratch. As any laptop, he waited some hours to complete the installation, and then, the laptop restarted, but, with the same issues and the ”sleep” mode is not active.

At the same time, when he left the machine for some minutes, it becomes on ”sleep” mode and there is no way to use the machine again without restarting it. In other words, the ”sleep” mode is not only inactive, but, it becomes blocked and it stops everything from working normally.

In the end, the man found himself in the need to install every single driver, because the machine comes empty. And unlike the other laptops, you can’t use a flash disk because the USB driver is not installed by default.

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So, you need to waste your time searching for the exact driver for that exact model, then, download it and save it on a CD. Next, you have to install the USB driver using that CD in order to be able to use the internet or any other option.

No way to adjust the brightness

Of course, HP is a brand, but, I can say that it’s really the worst company I’ve never seen, when it comes to laptops. Unlike any other brands that sells cheap products like Lenovo and Dell, in the HP case, there is no option to adjust the screen brightness, and the full resolution is wrong. Even, you can’t adjust it correctly.

Everything on the screen is bigger than the normal size, images, windows and the text sizes are bigger. And of course, if you want to correct that problem, and have some time to ”waste”, browse their forum or support section, and you will find the same problems that you have. People got the exact issues for years and the company still sell the same models with the same problems.

If you want to buy a new laptop, go professional from the beginning and use Macbooks if you have money. If you can’t save that amount of money, make sure to use any other brands, but, not the HP. It’s not only the worst, but, the one that will waste your time and effort.

You will spend all the time searching for solutions to problems that shouldn’t exist normally in any laptop. Save your hard-earned money and buy a powerful Mac or Dell, instead if that company. I hope this helped, think twice before buying a new computer, and use the biggest brands that people love and not those, who sells problems all the day.

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