For regular people and internet users, managing tasks and jobs is not important as the work itself. But, for entrepreneurs and business owners, it’s the most important step to be professional and to succeed.

For that reason, you can find lots of online tools and systems, but, I wanted to show you some of the best apps that you can install on your iPhone, iPad, Android, or to use on the web browser. This is a free tasks and time management application that gets more intentions for its features.

Swipes App’s features

The best way to find more about any application is its features. So, the next points will help to clarify things.

  • Plan your day on a timeline
Of course, no one wants to find himself with complicated tools that needs settings and configurations. What this powerful app does is great and easy to use, at the same time. In a few clicks, you can create new tasks to do, and then, organize them, based on a clear timeline that even, a child can understand.
  • Easily snooze tasks for later
Unlike other tools, Swipes doesn’t stress at all. Instead of clicking on buttons and typing words, you can easily get notifications about your scheduled tasks, but, without complications. The snoozing options make things professional, easy, and effective, at the same time.
snooze tasks
  • Schedule things ahead
Instead of wasting the time managing option and updating the old jobs, you can easily create new tasks and never lose control. It’s not only an interface feature, but, a great coding for use.
  • Check a history of your accomplishments

In your account, you will find the list of your tasks, one by one. The ones that have been completed will be marked with different colors, to make things easy to understand in terms of visualizations.

  • Set priorities

This feature helps a lot, especially, for busy people. It can save the time and getting the right notifications, at the right time, and of course, with prioritized notifications and updates.

  • You can choose from the Dark or the and Light theme.

That will help to personalize your account’s designs and stay familiar with it.

  • Use tags and organize tasks the right way

Tags makes things easy to read and to find. After a sometime, you’ll find yourself with a long list of tasks. Many of them are completed, and the others, are scheduled, but the good thing with tags is that you can go ahead, and find the right task using specific tags.

  • Your data is backed-up to the cloud and saved safely

This is the most important thing about this application. No matter how it’s powerful and easy to use, if there is no secure storage for your data, things will be useless. Luckily, Swipes app stores your data in the cloud, and encrypt your information for total security.

  • Integration with Evernote

Now, you can bring your Evernote tasks and information to be added to this application. That makes the life easier, and you don’ have to manage everything separately, using different platforms. By the way, the Swipe application will be available in Google Chrome soon.

You can also, bring your email, and even, Google services to your account, and that way, you will manage everything from the same place.


You can try the app for free and there are no upgrades at this time. In the future, they can add premium features and that’s normal, it’s business, and they need to do the same strategies like Dropbox and others. For features and security, this is a recommended time and task management application that gets up votes.

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