How to Move a WordPress Blog Post to Another Page

If you’re one of those who wants to move a blog post to another page in WordPress, you will find it confusing if you’re a beginner. Of course, everything should be built professionally on your website, in order to get the intention from search engines.

Today, I’ll show you the easy step by step method to migrate a blog post to another page. Please note that no matter if the page is new or old, you can overwrite it with your old post. Or simply, create a new page.

Steps to move your post

1. Create a new page

The first thing that you have to do is the web page, where you want to copy and paste the post’s content. Please make sure to save the page as a draft, and never publish it. Don’t worry about the page slogan or the URL, WordPress will detect the old URL, and it will add a number to the new one, just to make it unique. You can remove the number later, after deleting the old post.

2. Deleting the old post

You should only delete the old post if you want to keep the same URL. In this case, the content and the page URL are the same, but only, the type of the page was changed from a blog post to a dedicated page. There is no need to set a redirect or anything else, simply, because you have the same URL.

Make sure to come back to the new page and remove the number from its URL. You will be able to set the old address.

3. Setting the 301 redirect

You only need this step if you want to move the post to a new page with a different URL. The 301 redirect is the easiest method to tell search engines that the post was permanently moved to another URL or location.

So, when Google crawlers, for example, follow the old URL, they find the new one, and they will transfer the SEO value from the old post to the new page.

After some days, you will find the new page indexed instead of the old post.

To do the redirect in WordPress, you can use the Yoast plugin if you already use it. Just edit the old post, by scrolling down until you find the SEO options tab. Then, click on ”Advanced”, and paste the new URL in the 301 redirect box, as in the following screenshot example.

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Move a WordPress blog post to another page

If you don’t have that plugin, and you don’t need to install it, then, you can use this simple Redirection plugin. It will make everything easy and fast. Just install, and activate it, then, add the URL of the post and redirect it to the page URL, using 301 redirects.

I recommend clearing your blog cache, which will update the links and you will avoid problems with the content update.

In general, after some days or weeks, as a maximum, your index in the Google SERP will be adapted. The new page will be indexed instead of the post. If you don’t have backlinks for the post, you can remove the redirection and the plugin. There is no need to keep plugins that you’re not using.

On the other side, if there are posts or websites that link back to the post, then, you should keep that redirect to take visitors from the old URL to the new one.

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