Modernize WordPress Theme Review

The Modernize theme for WordPress is a product that people love. That’s why there are near 15,000 downloads for that theme until now and it’s counting. It’s a response to them with lots of layouts and columns to choose from and in this review, I’ll show you the modernized theme control panel, and what you can do with it. In the end, you don’t need to watch a theme from the outside and never touch it with functionalities.

If you like the theme, there are bonuses for you. If the theme is something that can’t satisfy your business or blog needs, then, you can take a look at other themes, and I suggest reading the Sahifa theme review. It’s another high-quality, responsive theme for WordPress. Now, let’s take a look at our theme and what makes it one of the most popular designs.

The Modernize theme control panel demo

Everyone can talk about the theme layout and how much it’s amazing and so on, but when it comes to reality, every theme has its own negative points and there is no perfect theme at all. Web designers are human and you know that humans are not perfect.

The theme control panel shows you the possibilities that you have to customize and manage your theme layouts, settings, and much more. So, watch the following video demo first. Please note that the theme comes with over 219 options and settings and that’s amazing.

The theme layouts and options

As you can see, the control panel is full of options that a few themes offer. From the custom colors, and the different layout options, to the font sizes and the long list of settings, you can build the theme that you want and make it yours at 100%.

The theme lets you choose the boxed or the full-width layout. I recommend using the boxed option for a blog or a magazine website, and the full width for a company website. That’s what happens with the majority of designs.

You can enable or disable the responsive mode. In this case, I recommend keeping your site responsive, that way, it looks good on desktops, tablets, and mobile phones. If you need to make some changes in the CSS, you can add the code to the custom CSS section in the control panel.

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Another good feature that makes things easier and flexible is the different layout options for the blog posts and pages. You can choose the right sidebar with content, the left sidebar, the content with both of them, or you can choose the full-width layout, and you will disable the sidebars in this case.

When you are unhappy with your actual sidebars, you have the option to create your own sidebars.

This theme layout works well with the Woocommerce plugin. You can use one of the different layouts for your product page, and make them look good and professional.

The theme comes with the logo and favicon Uploader. So, you can upload your own logo that makes things professional and create your favicon that lets people remember your site when they bookmark it in their browsers.

Font options and settings

One of the main issues with any theme is the ability to make your own font sizes, colors, and so on. Luckily, this great WordPress theme comes with clear settings, and you can edit your general content font size, font family, and colors.

At the same time, you have the options to customize the heading font and make it custom and even more. You can upload your own font directly from the “font style section”.

I recommend setting a font size between 13 and 16 pixels, that’s the average size in the modern web design. The small font size looks from the ice-ages and will make things worse. So, use a big font size with professional colors, use a few colors, and make the theme looks good.

Powerful LayerSlider

The WordPress Modernize theme comes with the Layer slider that’s a powerful tool to build high-quality sliders. You can add sliders to your posts or pages, and they will look professional.

The price table is another tool integrated with the theme by default. So, no more needs to add a plugin for that, you can build a premium quality pricing table in a few moments.

Theme with WooCommerce integration

When you want a theme that lets you sell your products online, or create your own store and promote affiliate products, the Modernize WordPress theme, is a good option. It’s fully integrated with the Woocommerce plugin that manages your sales, and the full product details, and layouts.

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In this case, the theme beautifies the look of your product page and make things look professional. At the same time, the buttons and prices look pretty attractive.

Modernize WordPress Theme Review

Single or multiple columns

If you want a single, two, or 3 column WordPress theme, then, just pick the right choice from your theme control panel and your layout will be based on that selection. The two-column blog layout, for example, is a good choice. Also, you can use the 4 columns option, and that’s good for blogs and sites with lots of content.

If you’ve just started, I recommend using the standard layout with a single column content with a sidebar. Then, you can add more columns when you have more content to show.

If you would like to make your own post thumbnails, the options let you select a photo, video, or slider thumbnail, and that’s rare options that a few themes offer. The drag and drop page builder lets you make your own pages and add your own options. Just spend some time with your builder and it’s done.

Modernize WordPress theme shortcodes

Shortcodes are one of the features that make WordPress an amazing platform. The Modernize WordPress theme comes with 16 different shortcode options, and you can add them directly from your posts or pages. You can add beautiful buttons, columns, dividers, accordions, message boxes, social icons, tabs, testimonials, and much more.

These are a few of the many features and options that come with this theme. I hope this review about the  Modernize WordPress theme helped and you have an idea about the theme functions and options before using it.

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