Ultimatum WordPress Theme Builder Review: Video Demo

If you’ve some knowledge about building a WordPress theme, you already know that it takes time, and effort, especially if you have limited HTML and CSS knowledge.

But when it comes to the software that takes care of your theme coding and makes sure all functions work properly, The Ultimatum WordPress theme builder is one of the few tools to create your own themes, export them, and even create on-demand templates for your customers.

In this Ultimatum review, I’ll show you all the options that you have inside the theme control panel, and the plugins included. So, you don’t need to ask yourself if the theme is your best tool or not. Just decide that based on your needs and the project type.

What is the Ultimatum theme builder?

Ultimatum is a framework that you can use to build a custom WordPress theme from scratch. If you’re one of the people asking how to build a WordPress theme with bootstrap, then save your time with other tools that are hard to understand, and try the Ultimatum builder. You can build powerful themes and export them as Ultimatum or Twitter Bootstrap templates.

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The drag and drop WordPress theme builder lets you create your own layouts, boxed width, full width, custom dimensions. You can drag and drop elements directly in the header or the footer sections in your template. But, that needs some effort if you want to build a real theme that looks professional and that’s clean.

The good thing is that you can enable or disable the responsive mode in your theme, and that gives you more control over the layout, and how it looks on different desktop and mobile devices. The Ultimatum theme creator offers lots of options, for the different mobile phones, tablet dimensions, and screen resolutions.

The logo and the favicon Uploader tools can be added with a single click of a button to your theme, and you have full control over how the theme will look like.

Watch the following video demo, which will show you the theme framework in-depth, and the options that you can have with the pro version. Please note the pro version for developers that I used in the video lets you export your created themes. At the same time, you will get exclusive access to the support forum, and many other exclusive options and features.

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As you can see, the Ultimatum theme builder is a powerful tool that you can use without issues. However, if you’re a newbie and someone who can’t spend hours building themes, I recommend buying a premium theme, instead, you’ll save yourself from the hard work.

On the other side, if you want to create something custom and you have the time to spend on that theme, then, the Ultimatum builder is your perfect choice. It was created for people who want to be different in their blog layouts and who have their own idea to apply in the design.

Ultimatum theme extra tools

The ultimatum builder comes with pre-installed extensions and applications that you can enable, or disable with a single click of a button. You have the following tools:

  • Slideshows
  • Shortcodes
  • Visual Composer
  • Layer Slider
  • Slider Revolution
  • ShowBiz Carousels
  • Post Galleries
  • Post Ordering
  • WooCommerce integration, that’s important for online stores and eCommerce websites, in general.

Creating templates

The template creator tool lets you build a custom layout and add your own structure to the theme. All you have to do is to use the link Template, then, click on “Create a Template” at the top of the menu, and start the process.

The theme gives you total control over settings and the options. You can also, use the page builder to add custom options, and elements such, as tables or others.

This trusted theme creator needs a little WordPress intention and experience. That’s not needed, but things will be easier if you already know how to create a blog post, and how to manage themes and plugins.

That way, you have the basics about the design structure, and you can apply them directly. The header comes first, and you need to make it attractive, as possible with your own photo. Or simply, create an attractive and professional logo.

Focus on your site layout, do you need two columns? Or maybe 3 or even 4 columns, if you have lots of content to display on your home page? Just think about your layout structure and take a look at other sites that are in your niche. You will learn some good ideas from their designs and layouts.

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At the same time, never copy and paste the other designs exactly. That makes things unprofessional and readers will notice that later. To create a powerful theme that succeeds, you need to make it unique as possible in the colors and layouts.

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