Choosing web host and domain registrar

How to Choose a Web Hosting Service and Domain Registrar

Whether you’re an avid website developer or a complete newbie on the scene, the process of choosing the right web hosting and domain registrar can become a bit overwhelming. With so many viable options available to us, making a final decision that is cost-effective and reliable can seem almost impossible. Since our web hosting choice will affect the way … Read this

How to start a self-hosted WordPress blog

How to Start a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog in Step by Step Guide

How to start a blog? And why do people create their blogs on WordPress only? Is there any difference in launching a self-hosted WordPress version for beginners in 2022? I know there are hundreds or even thousands of guides on how to make a blog in any niche, but I found many of them confusing, … Read this

Custom Website Design Advantages and Disadvantages

What’s the first thing you notice when you go on a website? For me, it’s the image on the top of the page and the site’s logo. I also tend to notice how the navigation is designed. If these things are missing, I automatically feel a disconnection from the website. If you’re marketing your brand, … Read this

Best Web Hosts for Food Blogs

Best Web Hosting Services for Food Blogs and Recipe Related Sites

Is there any specific fast and reliable web hosting for a food blog? Can you really use such providers to make your blog load faster and be secure? In reality, there are many confusions that make beginners and even existing bloggers choose the wrong web host in the end. Food blogging is not the same as someone who … Read this

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers

Best Managed WordPress Hosting Providers of 2022

Starting a blog and choosing a fully managed WordPress hosting should take the speed of your site page loading time to the next level. But once you neglect the fact that not all WordPress web hosts are optimized for performance, speed and security, you’ll end up with issues. Because there are hundreds of companies that … Read this

Best CDN service providers

Top 10 Best CDN Service Providers in 2022

To speed up a website, a blog, or any web content like videos and images, you need a great content delivery network or CDN, simply. That reduces the loading time and makes the user experience better. In the end, the speed of any website will help to get a better ranking, because Google started counting … Read this