Bloggers and webmasters in general need some useful information and statistics about the internet users all over the world. For that, I’ve browsed some organizations and university websites. My goal is to find a clear information about Internet users by language. This will help me and you on our projects.

What I’ve done is to look behind the lines, to understand and compare results, among these statistics I’ve found shocking information, that many of us haven’t noticed before.

I used Wikipedia, internet world stats, Cornell University old statistics, and to compare results and to ensure that statistics are updated. This means an update from one year or less, because these types of statistics need at least one year of work.

Top languages used in the Internet content

What I will do is to be based on that information and make my own statistics, to divide the Internet content percentage for a single language. And divide it by the percentage of internet users for that language. The final result will be:

The Percentage of the internet content divided by the Percentage of internet users for the same language. So, what I need first is the top internet content by language. This is the official statistics.

[table id=3 /]

As expected, English is the most used language to create the internet content. But, the Chines language represents only 4.4%, which is a few if you know in the next tab that 25% of internet users are Chinese. I will use these statistics later, now, let’s look at the top Top Internet users by language.

[table id=2 /]

As you can see here, English and Chinese users are dominating the internet using.

Now, my next work is to calculate the existing internet content for the number of users for each language. Fr that, I will Divide the Internet content percentage by the percentage of users.

The final result will be the percentage of the Internet content for users by Language

As an example, for the English language:

54.9% divided by 27%=(2,03*100)=200,03%, Russian has also the same percentage. So, for English and Russian, there is 200% of the internet content than Internet users. So, the articles, blogs and post in English are twice the size of the number of English users.

I’ve calculated all the top 10 Internet languages, the result is in the next Tab.

[table id=4 /]

Use Internet statistics to create  useful content

This is what I’m looking for, this table shows that English, Russian, Polish, French, German and Arabic languages have enough content for their the internet users. But, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, Chinese and Korean needs more internet content.

If you’re a blogger or a webmaster, you have an idea about the languages that you can create content for, and expect a large number of audience. At the same time, your blog or website will be ranked easily for these Languages that have few internet content.

What really shocked me is the Chinese language, it’s the language that will skyrocket your blog if you really learned that language. There are a half Billion people who need Chinese articles, blogs, websites and posts. As in Economy, you will see in the next years that the Chinese language will be the fastest growing language on the Internet.

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