Recommended and Good Web Hosting Service In Singapore

There are lots of web hosting companies that you can use in Singapore and run your website. But, not all of them offer the speed and the security that you need. Luckily, there is always something good, and SiteGround has been a top-quality web hosting provider for years.

They have a data center in Singapore with powerful resources and a dedicated team. That means super fast loading time, for any website or blog in that location. But also, it’s a great option to host a website that gets traffic from Australia, New Zealand, and Asian countries.

This is a good hosting provider that offers reliable shared hosting, cloud hosting, and powerful dedicated servers. I’ve talked many times about the uptime that other companies promise. In the end, their customers found significant downtimes without real technical support. Luckily, the uptime of this trusted hosting service is 99.999% for this month, and that’s more than reliable.

Unlike all the popular personal and business hosting providers, this one detects issues in real time and fixes them instantly. If you care about your website, then, this host is for you, and you won’t find any real competitor to them.

At the same time, webmasters have full SSH access to the cPanel control panel. The website files are automatically saved with a free daily backup. But also, people get a free domain name and free website transfer.

Professional web hosting with lots of features

SiteGround is the only hosting company that creates beautiful free, premium themes and templates for its users. In other words, you will save money buying templates for your WordPress or Joomla website.

That’s good, especially for a startup project or small business websites. You get a good-looking theme, optimized for maximum speed and also for search engines. This is why people trust this company. They help and do not ask for additional fees like many others.

The good news is that this trusted company optimizes the servers to make them stronger, and safer than any other hosting you know. The servers are optimized for WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, and other popular software.

What surprises me even more, is that their servers are always running fast, and the software they use is always updated before their competitors.

What their technical team does is upgrade every software to the latest version without waiting for the software provider. They work in real-time, and that’s what makes them a good web hosting in Singapore, but also in the entire world.

SiteGround hosts websites on three data centers, the first one in Singapore, the second in the United States, and another data center in Europe.

There is a real CDN service included in your hosting account. They offer a free Cloudflare CDN integrated into their control panel. So, you don’t have to do anything to speed up your site.

The best part is that the Singapore data center is also a good choice for people in Australia, and Asian countries in general. Websites will get maximum speed and performance.

Instead of requesting a web page in the United States, the user’s browser will get a super-fast web page from Singapore. And, that will reduce the loading time significantly.

I just want to add that their data centers are protected, with multiple power generators in case of a public electric power failure. This is extra protection for their customers, and no one will lose a single file with them.

The support is one of the fastest in the world; in a few seconds, you get a response to your phone, or you can use the ticketing system for help. The average response time is only 15 minutes and can go up or down with the day’s time.

Please make sure to select your data center when you create your account. You have three continents to choose from, including Asia and Singapore.

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