Recommended Web Hosting Services for Small Businesses in 2017

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The web hosting is the first thing to look for when an entrepreneur starts building a small business. It’s the virtual house of that business, and you need to make it secure and protected all the time. In the meantime, the startup costs more and you need to keep the costs as low as possible, but keeping the same high-quality services that your business needs.

This is the equation to succeed your business without affecting your income. So, the web hosting provider should offer reliable service, fast servers and most importantly, an affordable price that suits your needs and takes your business’s website to the next level.

My personal experience with some popular hosting companies can give you a clear idea about the way to host your site. When you start a Google search for the recommended web hosting services for small businesses or projects in general, you will find lots of providers with reviews that no one trust.

The truth is that the same group owns the majority of those largest companies. That means they have different brands and data centers, but with the same administration.

Best small business web hosting companies

I’ve spent lots of time searching and testing small business web hosting speed and performances. At the same time, I’ve looked for real web hosting reviews, and luckily there are lots of them.

1: InMotion Hosting: (Cheap Shared Hosting)

If you have a limited resources and you want to get fast hosting, but at cheaper prices, then, I recommend Inmotion. They offer exclusively free SSD for all customers and that’s what no other shared hosting provider offers. Furthermore, they are a registered and trusted business in the USA with a good reputation and amazing customer support. To read more about this company, just read why Inmotion Hosting is a good web hosting.

This web host can reduce the hosting small business and especially online stores that are new and want to build a reputation first with a secure website, and good support. This is not the best in this list, but the best o shared web hosting services.

2. WP Engine (Optimized for WordPress)

If you have some $29 to invest every month for the fully managed and fully optimized WordPress hosting, then I recommend WP Engine, they are the best small business web hosting company with premium web servers customized and secured especially for WordPress.

The price looks high compared to shared hosting, but remember that it’s a first-class hosting with lots of features and advanced add-ons. Best of all, they are working closely for WordPress optimization and performances.

This is the best and the fastest website hosting for small businesses that come with amazing services, security, and professional customer support.

The infrastructure was built to offer the maximum speed and performance for sites. That’s why hosting with them will reduce the site loading time. Of course, they have an amazing customer support with phone, live chat, and emails.

3. Liquid Web: (Fully managed & optimized)

The fourth small business web host is amazing in terms of quality but recommended for high traffic websites as they offer dedicated server and fully managed VPS. So, if you have thousands of customers, then, stop here and choose Liquid Web for VPS or dedicated small businesses web servers, they’re the fastest, the and most secure for all kinds of website and web stores.

4. SiteGround: (Shared)

The fourth recommended hosting is SiteGround. Indeed, they offer shared hosting, cloud hosting, and dedicated servers. It’s a recommended hight quality hosting for small businesses, and you’ll find exactly why below.

SiteGround is one of the trusted small business web hosting companies. They have their own data centers and their own dedicated team. They employ 110 experts and host over 250.000 domains worldwide.

Multiple Data Center to choose from

There are 3 big data centers to host your website, you can select the nearest one to your target audience, and where you want to work in the world. These data centers will speed up your website, and the result will be a faster loading time for every page.

Your visitors or customers will get your web pages from the nearest location. At the same time, the control panel comes with CloudFlare integrated to give your site a speed boost with cached files.

Recommended Web Hosting for Small Business

Fast servers and strong speed website security

When it comes to loading time and speed, SiteGround is fully optimized for maximum performances, but without affecting the others. They allocate the server resources, based on the estimated website monthly traffic and its size.

Thus, people select the right hosting plan during the sign-up process, and they just pay for what they need as resources, disk space, and bandwidth.

When we say that everyone has its resources, that means no overload for the server, and all the hosted websites continue working fast. It’s like getting your own VPS with a shared hosting plan at low cost.

The server is fully protected and each hosted website is isolated to protect the others. If something wrong happened to any website and for any reason, all the others sites will be completely protected. This is a rare service that you can find today. And, it’s not a simple software to install, but a complicated process that needs lots of coding and hard work.

This is one of the most secure, and best web hosts for a small business compared to the other shared hosting providers. This company is the only one that protects every single website.

Small business host

What happens with regular hosting providers is that a signal hacked website can easily affect the others, and that results in a big problem that no one can solve. But SiteGround takes the different way to protect each domain on the same server.

Large companies use standard servers that can’t detect the downtime or the network failure automatically. That’s a big problem that causes downtimes during hours, that can lose people lots of money if they have online stores or eCommerce websites especially.

However, SiteGround uses a completely different configuration and settings, their interactive technology detects the issue in real-time and correct it instantly.

That means a few seconds downtimes if something happens. The server controls itself and understands what to do with different situations. It’s like having a smart server to host your business website.

small business hosting

At the same time, this host offers free and professional themes for WordPress and Joomla sites. They can also install the theme for free with free website transfer, and that’s a big deal for people who need to save money.

The business hosting prices ranges from $3.95 the first month, for a shared hosting, to $429 per month for a very powerful dedicated server.

You need to browse their plans and find the one that suits your needs. Don’t worry about the resources, I’ve tried them and they guarantee the high-quality service and support. They offer a free daily backup for your site and a free domain name is also included.

In conclusion, what web host is better for small businesses?

As you can see, these are trusted web hosting companies for small businesses, even better, they offer cheap shared plans, and other offers fully managed servers but with higher costs of course as everything is better and fully optimized. If you need a premium hosting for a small business website on WordPress, then, only, WP Engine can offer what you expect. They are the leaders in WordPress hosting and they offer a 2 month free trial for new hosting accounts.

On the other side, if you look for the best web hosting for any kind of website, then, Liquid Web should be your choice.

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