The database tables are the most important element in your blog or website. If you’re using WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, or any other platform, you need to have a clean database to make the connection between the website, and the stored information works properly. But, sometimes the database tables can be corrupted, and that is one of the common problems that cause an error establishing a database connection problem.

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In the last post we’ve talked about how to solve the database connection problems, without taking the risk with any file. Today, I’ll show you with a clear tutorial how to repair a corrupted database tables, directly from the PhpMyAdmin dashboard.

Please make sure to make a backup for your blog to avoid any mistake. Download the database, even, if it’s corrupted before doing anything, if you can’t download your tables. Start the repair process directly by logging into your cPanel account, then, locate the phpMyAdmin icon and click on it as the below screenshot:

How to Repair a database in phpMyAdmin

Now, you get the phpMyAdmin dashboard, at the left sidebar. You will see your databases, just find the one that you want to repair. If you have a single blog or website, you will find a single database there. Just click on it and the linked tables will be shown on the right page.

Repair all WordPress tables

Repair the Corrupted Tables

Your database tables are displayed now, your next step is repairing them at once. All you have to do is to scroll down and click the “check all” tables, and select “Repair Table“, as below:

database tables

As you can see it’s not a rocket science to repair the WordPress database tables, or any other database. Make sure that you select the right database, and not be confused with the others. If you have multiple websites hosted on the same account, it’s recommended to create a memorable database prefix, or name for each one. Thus, you can easily find your tables and avoid any mistake.

You can’t know exactly the problem that caused the database table corruption. Sometimes, a wrong server configuration, or even, low quality hosting can be the cause.

In other cases, if you have thousands of options and information stored in that database without optimization, the database itself can be broken.

That’s why you should clean and optimize your database. If you have tables for plugins that you no longer use. Why letting them adding extra space, and make your blog loads slowly. There are many plugins that you can use, as an example, the WP optimize can help you clean your database and save some disk space.

Remember that you have to create a regular database backup, to be able to restore your site if something happens later. Your database is the only thing that can make your log life again. It contains your posts and links, and all expect your uploaded images.

So, you should also backup your uploads folder everyday and keep it in a safe place, the database still have your image links but can’t find them.

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