To stand out from others and build a good quality blog, you need to think more about link building ways  that people use, and ask yourself many questions about them. Then, you can decide to build links that ways or not. In this post, I’ll show you the worst link building ways that you  should never use, or even, try.

Google as the biggest search engine detects every quality link to your site as a vote. Behind the scene, the Google algorithm refines which links are natural, and which others are spam or unnatural. So, if you think to play with their algorithm and get a higher SERP (search engine result page) ranking just from building back-links, then, you’re destroying your site. Today or tomorrow, Google will penalize your site.

Link Building ways

Guest Posting with keyword-rich anchor text links

To make things clear, you might probably heard some bloggers talking about the guest posting and building links from it. The truth is that the new Hummingbird updates will be able to find articles with too many anchor texts and links, and marking them as spam. This is what website owners should know.

To avoid losing the ranking due spam guest posting, you should first inform you authors to include one single link to their blogs in the full article. That’s good for both, you and the guest, best of all, one single link in the first paragraph of an article is better than 10 links that Google will neglect.

If you can explain this truth to your guests, they will understand, and even, find your blog as the best place to post their future articles, for the good quality links.

So, if you have articles in other blogs and you think you’ve bombarded them with links and keywords, then, contact the owner and ask him to remove unnecessary links. Of course, not all the blog owners understand the risk of the keyword-rich anchor text links, if he/she don’t take care about that, you should do. A maximum of two links is what will bring you votes, but, never spam links.

Thousands of Forum Signature with Keywords

Matt Cutts, the head of Google’s Web spam team said many times that using keywords in forum signature is a spam method for Google. If you post on forums just to build links, you will no longer be able to play with ranking. As a natural link, you can use your name, instead of keywords, it looks better and professional.

What you should know about forum signature is that even, if  you should use links to get traffic, you can use your home page. That will look natural and better than keywords. But please, this is my personal advice to you, forum signature is no longer a link building method like what bloggers and website owners used in the past decade. You may get some traffic, but never SERP benefits.

Create a good content and let the time do the rest, if people like your posts, they will link to them naturally, and this is what readers and Google like.

Blog Commenting as your only link Building way

If you’re a good blog reader, you may find thousands of spam comments without any value, from affiliate links to games. That’s what thousands of spammers are doing. It’s not the only spam, if you post comments on every blog post, this is also a spam and can affect your blog ranking.

The most dangerous way is to comments on a blog to build links only. This will give Google a signal that you are spamming.

If you are a blog lover, you can comment there, but not on every post, this will look unnatural. At the same time use your name instead of keywords, even, if the blog owner allows you to put keywords, think about Google and your blog ranking.

Automated linking

This is the most spam methods to build links, there are thousands of companies and people who sell thousands of low quality and spam links in a short period of time, they take your money, and then, they destroy your blog completely.

So, stay away from them and think about your natural links instead of that, and ask yourself  if building  thousands of spam links in 24 hours is natural or not.

What the link sellers are doing is to create a program that link automatically to their own low quality sites and forums, or even, to other people’s sites. As you can see, these links can easily destroy your business, so, build a solid and single link from high quality site is better than thousands of zero quality, and spam links.

Buying Links  with do follow attribute

If you think that you should buy links on other sites, you have to know that those links must be “Nofollow”, to be a natural advertising. Most of site owners are using the No follow links for their external links, but you have to verify it yourself.

Exchanging links are also one of the spam link building ways, linking to others and they link to your site is a bad way to start a blog. Stay away from that.

Footer links in Themes

If you give away free themes or products with a link to your site, you should know that this old method is no longer a link building way, but it’s a link scheme. So, removing them to save your site ranking and future. Give free themes at 100%, or save them for yourself, but never with footer links.

These are not the only spam and low quality link building ways, but the most popular mistakes to avoid. The final word is to create content and let people link to it naturally. Save your time with spam comments, and low quality links. This is what give you time to create the good content and Google will reward you later. For more information and helpful tips, you can read the Google webmaster guidelines.

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