Creating multiple blogs: what you should know before starting

If you already run a blog, you might think, like many others, about creating multiple blogs and receiving huge traffic from search engines. In this post, I’ll show you why this is a mistake that will end your business with failure. Actually, I hope that you’re not at that stage, and you just started thinking about it.

Why should you never start with multiple blogs?

If you’re a blogger, you already know how difficult it is to create a good blog post, find relevant images, optimize, and publish with the hope of adding real value to your reader and getting traffic from Google. It’s not easy to create good content for your blog and build trust with your readers.

Now, the risk here is to play with your blog project and create multiple blogs in different niches at the same time.

The mistake that people make is to think this way: More blogs = more traffic = more money.

The wrong thing here is to forget that if you’re a starter, you should create only one powerful blog, instead of many. When you succeed and build good authority and business, you can start another blog.

The less work for multiple blogs

If you want to succeed with a blog, you should give it all your hard work. That means all the energy that you can generate will grow your business and make your blog powerful and stand out from others.

On the other hand, if you have many blogs, you can’t create real content, all you can do is post short low-quality posts, and you will find yourself lost between blogs and posts. Each blog needs its own work and setting, you can’t do all of that if you’ve just started your first blog.

The result here is that even if you have some traffic and visitors, you will lose them later. People love fresh and good content if they feel that you post a single article every two weeks. They will leave your blog and delete it from their memories. So, why not focus on one single blog and build strong traffic?

One blog, full Energy, full success

One Single powerful blog is what makes your business successful, you can post good content, search for good images, respond to comments, and manage your social accounts. At the same time, it’s OK that this will need some time to achieve your goals and succeed.

The good thing is to create a blog that is growing every day and build a strong audience naturally. If you think that creating multiple blogs in many niches will help, then, you’re wrong. The only way to succeed with multiple blogs is to work with many authors. That needs resources and money, but, remember, that you’re a starter, and you need to build all that yourself.

When thinking about the next blog?

To succeed in a blog, you have to build a large number of readers, get big traffic from search engines, and build relations with other bloggers in your niche. That will automatically make you money, all that needs work and work again, but the result is amazing.

You will never regret your hours of work for every single post, then, advertisers will fight to reserve a banner space on your site. Readers will return to your blog to find the next article and post their comments. They love your good content, and this is what makes the web powerful.

If you receive good and stable traffic, and you make money from your blog, you can start creating multiple blogs and apply what you’ve learned from the first one.

Now, things will come easier because you have ideas and the skills to duplicate your techniques in other niches. However, remember to find people to work with them, you need posts for your blogs. That can be done through guest posting, but, never forget your own articles.

There are many bloggers who forget their readers and leave them with people they don’t trust. Even, if they think the blog was sold to another one, remember that you’re the blog representative, and people will come to browse your own posts.

To conclude and make things clear, if you start your first blog and you’re building traffic and trust, you should never think about money, and create other blogs in multiple niches. Keep up your hard work, and forget the next.

When you feel that you receive good traffic and make money, you can create another blog, but you should continue posting for your readers. This is the best way to succeed in blogging, for starters.

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