WP Engine compared to shared hosting: what’s the difference?

Using WordPress is the first important step to create a professional website or blog. But when it comes to the best web hosting, then, WP Engine is the most recommended service for WordPress.

It’s not a shared hosting and not a VPS at the same time, this is completely different. So, I’ll show you the difference between this company and the popular shared web hosting providers like Hostgator, Bluehost, and others.

But first, let’s understand what is WP Engine exactly.

WP Engine is a managed WordPress hosting with premium quality services. It’s the only company that has its own advanced caching system called EverCache and it’s their innovation in the WordPress speed and caching technology that no other service can beat.

The average server response time is 150 milliseconds and that’s super fast hosting.

At the same time, the company has a modern and optimized infrastructure with first-class hardware and software. When it comes to features, it’s a long list and the below comparison will be better.

WP Engine is a combination of strong hardware and software with full optimizations for WordPress and only that open-source software. They work exclusively for it and that’s why they offer the most optimized hosting for WordPress.

It makes the site load faster than any other host, and best of all, you don’t need any of the caching plugins like WP Super Cache or W3 total cache. All you need as speed and caching is integrated with your server and no other company can do that hard job perfectly like them.

WP Engine vs other hosts

We can’t really compare WP Engine to shared server hosting services. It’s not easy to compare these completely different hosting environments and each one has its own positive points. But what we’re looking for is the speed, performance, and quality of the hosting.

That’s without neglecting the customer support and many other features that every WordPress user needs such as the caching system and more.

As you can see, it’s not just a matter of resources and features, but also speed and infrastructure before all. You can’t get a fast blog or site without the right optimization settings and add-ons.

If you look inside the infrastructure of all the shared hosting providers, you will find the same hardware but with a little modification.

But when you see what WP Engine hardware, you will find that they’re using the latest technologies and powerful network.

The daily malware and virus scanning system check and correct any issue that can happen on your site without your known.

Even if someone wants to hack your blog, the top-level security and protection system will save you lots of time and money with other tools that never work.

That’s without talking about the custom coding add-ons inside the software, and that’s why this is the most secure WordPress hosting provider without a doubt.


The most important feature after all the hardware and the optimization settings is the custom caching system Ever Cache. It’s the secret weapon that the company uses to make your site faster 4 to 6 times than any other hosting.

Even if other companies say that optimize their servers for WordPress. That will perform 5 times slower than WP Engine and that’s why professional blogs and companies host their WordPress sites with them.

Unlike the other hosting providers, you don’t need any caching plugins with WP Engine, you get the most powerful system that will speed up your site better than any other tool. It’s a registered innovation from the company itself.

Thus, you make WordPress faster than any other host, but without adding any extra plugins or tools. Instead of that, you will reduce the number of plugins and that will help your blog perform better with minimum HTTP requests that you don’t need.

Now, you have the big difference between WP Engine and some other shared hosting providers, of course, you can find VPS or dedicated servers with these companies. But when you need the ideal environment to host WordPress without worrying about speed, security, and scalability, then, WP Engine will be the only choice.

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