Aweber, a Great Email Marketing Service is Easier Now

If you’ve been in online business during the last years, you might find Aweber as the best in services and email delivery speed, and more options. At the same time, the only thing that makes people hesitating about joining the service is only their level of verification to import your existing list.

In other words, the company requires that all your subscribers should conform again their subscription to your list. That’s good in terms of security and business trust, but harmful for your email marketing list.

New Aweber features

Import your list of subscribers easier

The good news is that the company has made things easier and better. Now, you can import your existing email list easier, and in a few clicks, your list of subscribers will be migrated to your Aweber account.

Of course, your list should be legit, they just need to approve it like any other email marketing software or service that takes care of trust.

Aweber email marketing service

If you want to confirm your list again, you can enable the opt-in method. So, they can conform to receive your emails again but expect lots of unsubscribers this time. That’s why using the new option is the right choice for serious markets and business owners.

Free trial

This is one of the few trusted email marketing services that offer a free 30 day trial period. That way, people can test the service free of charge and see how things work in a real account.

Follow your list statistics on the go

The new follow up stats lets you get the list details from your smartphone. They have a great app for iOS and Android devices. That helps to get instant details about anything in your list, and you can configure notifications and more options.

Trusted email marketing service

If you don’t have any idea about email marketing and how to manage your list, then, Aweber will be the right choice for you. On the other side, if you have a huge list of subscribers and you want to save money and fees, the same company will be the right and the recommended place for you.

Unlike other services, this one focuses on trust and the quality of their services. It’s the oldest email marketing service with thousands of company owners, bloggers, managers, and a huge community of experienced affiliates.

They have amazing customer support available all the time to show you how to succeed with your list. But, most important, they have the right tools to make your life easier and better. The autoresponder software is the best in the industry, and there is no need to learn technical knowledge to use it.

The drag and drop email builder is the right choice to look professional with your fully optimized email layout. At the same time, you get lots of templates to use, without wasting your time browsing thousands of designs and never find the best template.

Please make sure to read the right tips and marketing strategies before applying them to your list. In many cases, business owners find themselves with problems managing their lists and doing business. The reasons can be the strategy itself, it’s not about money, but the trust with your subscribers is what makes the difference.

You don’t need to bombard people with commercial offers and products to buy. They know how things work, and you will lose them in a short period of time.

Instead of that, treat people as human, and not numbers. Give them free tools if you have, or show them the wrong things to do in their business. Then, they can buy a product that you recommend from time to time.

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