Stay Away from Managed WordPress Hosting Scammers

When WordPress started gaining popularity, millions of people created blogs and sites every year. Now, It’s the most loved and SEO-friendly software to create sites. For that reason, companies followed WordPress’s fast-growing success, and they optimized their servers for that application.

The problem here is that lots of people joined the new business, and they can do everything to get your hard-earned money. That’s simple, because, they saw real managed hosting providers like successful services.

True vs scam managed WordPress hosting

If you search on Google for some managed hosting providers, you will find a long list of results. Some of them are self-promotions, and the others are posts, reviews, and so on. But, when it comes to speed, security, and customer support, the majority of those services will fail. Only the real ones will stay there.

But, how can you detect if a company is scamming you or not?

To make things clear, WordPress hosting is a very profitable business. At the same time, it’s hard work to do, and a long list of services that every company should offer.

They’re the first company that created a WordPress-optimized infrastructure at 100%. In terms of speed, they’re the fastest hosting without a doubt. But, if you look inside, you will find a great, and exclusive caching system that speeds up PHP naturally.

If you take a look at other services like GoDaddy, you will find huge differences. They only offer the same hosting as their shared plans, but with fewer resources. It’s not really a managed infrastructure. Even more, speed is a big issue, and in the end, you just wasted your money.

Here is a simple thing to keep in mind: If you find a cheap WordPress hosting service, then, it will never be affordable and fully managed. Managed hosting means resources, people who work 24/7, and sophisticated programs and infrastructure.

The server response time is one of the most important factors to consider in web hosting. But, when things become professional, you should be able to achieve a fast server response time in the 200 milliseconds limit. Everything that’s slower than that recommended time, will be slow.

Unfortunately, you can’t test the response time, if you don’t have an account with any company. But, you can still contact the company directly, and ask for their average response time. If they’re honest, they will provide you with screenshots or something like that, as proof.

Make sure to verify the web hosting reviews that you find online. The biggest majority of them are fake, and many are writing about things that they’ve never tried. Just be smart when you read any review that talks about managed WordPress hosting, or any other service online.

A truly managed WordPress hosting service will cost $25 at least, and it will be fully managed. That means, you have to create your website or blog content, but, you should never worry about the servers of the hosting issues.

Technicians will be monitoring the whole infrastructure, and when problems happen, they fix them in real-time. That’s a fully managed hosting service for WordPress or any other application.

So, if you find someone who offers cheap prices, stay away and be sure that they‘re just scammers.

What are the recommended services?

There is no need to waste your time, the first company that I highly recombine is WP Engine. It’s the oldest managed hosting provider that was created especially, and only, for WordPress. They know exactly how to make your site faster, and how to handle the maximum traffic.

Managed WordPress hosting

However, there are a few other alternatives. Pressidium will be the second service that I recommend, unlike the scammer ones, this company has its own infrastructure.

Furthermore, they have a custom PHP accelerator. And best of all, they have a great team with a telecom and tech background, with years of hosting experience. You can read my own review about Pressidium hosting.

The second company that I recommend is Liquid Web. It’s an exception in the shared hosting world, and it’s cheaper than the others. The difference is that you get a shared hosting and not a dedicated server, but with super-fast servers.

Remember that this is an old trusted hosting service. They have the most powerful VPS and dedicated servers on earth. They offer fantastic services and customer support with fast and real help.

These are the only recommended services that will take your WordPress site to the next level. Some are a little cheaper than the others, but, they are a verified business and you can count on their services.

Personally, I’ve used so-called cloud-managed web hosting, and it worked exactly like the shared hosting. The only difference is the fake sales page and the wrong information and promises that they provide.

That’s why using one of the above companies, will save you time, and money. It’s not easy to build a real managed hosting service that comes with all the features like speed, security, and, caching system.

That needs big investments and lots of hard work. Unfortunately, lots of small hosting providers are using advertising and fake hosting reviews to attract new customers.

If you have some experience with any one of the above hosting providers, you can share them in your comment.

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