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Best WordPress Backup Plugin: Blog Protection and Update Included

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If you take a look at some of the popular backup plugins that people use for WordPress, you will notice immediately that they have a single job. The main goal of those tools is to create a backup, and then, they send it to your best cloud storage service like Dropbox, Amazon S3, or whatever.

The problem here is that you can’t guarantee the quality of your backup, and when you want to restore a hacked, or broken website, things won’t work and everything will be gone. That’s because a backup is not only saving files and databases, but most important, the real backup should be created after scanning the sites for malicious codes, and much more.

In this post, I’ll show you the best WordPress backup plugin that really work. Best of all, it’s a total security plugin, and the backup is only one of the other features that the tool includes. The plugin is WP Pipeline and it’s created by professional developers, with years of WordPress experience.

They know exactly how a site can be hacked, and what things to do to protect it. At the same time, the tool updates your full blog, and it was created also, to manage multiple WordPress sites from one location and dashboard.

It’s more than a security and backup plugin, but, a complete system to manage and update an unlimited number of sites, at the same time.

Complete backup solution for WordPress

Easy and powerful WordPress backup

When you install and activate the WP Pipeline, you will be able to configure the location to send the backups. You can use FTP, email, Amazon S3, or even locally if you want. You can schedule backups like making daily, weekly, or monthly versions of your blog backups.  That includes files, databases and everything else.

Unlike many other backups and restoring plugins, this one sends fully functional, and encrypted files to your preferred backup location. So, the restore will work and best of all, all the connections between the server and your distant backup location will be secured all the time.

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Update the whole WordPress site

WP Pipeline scans the WordPress core and compare it the latest version available on the official website. Then, it will update it automatically and that will save you lots of problems, an even, serious security mistakes that can destroy your site, in a matter of seconds.

People know that WordPress updates the code frequently to fix issues and the problem, and make the software better. What a hacker does is to search for these issues and negative points, and scan the web for blogs that are not yet updated.

After that, they will do their job and that’s what you don’t need. Always, the latest version of WordPress is the great protection option.

Best WordPress Backup Plugin

Updating the WordPress code without thinking about themes and plugins is a big mistake. Thousands of plugins can be a real source of malicious codes, and that’s why this backup and security plugin will take care of all that, and show you the plugins that needs updating, the themes that are outdated. And, in a single click, you will protect your full website, and make it up to date and secure.

Also, this plugin lets you manage multiple blogs, and deploy themes and plugins from your central dashboard. So, no more worries about logging to each blog every time you want to update WordPress, or to create a backup. All you have to do is to login into your central dashboard and manage everything from there.

This plugin works perfectly, but, the only things that it needs is to add Dropbox as a backup option. It’s one of the leaders in the cloud storage, and it’s actually not included in the backup options. But they will add it later for the large number of people who use Dropbox for their online backup.

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