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Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Review

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Dreamhost is based in Brea, California and was founded in 1997. Dreamhost has a web hosting service which is low-shared and domains as well. Dreamhost also, offers Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting services. In this Dreamhost WordPress hosting review, I’m going to show you the pro, the cons and what you have to know before hosting your website with them.

The hosting provider has a Files Forever, which is a personal cloud storage service although it is limited. Files Forever cloud storage allows hosting of files on servers owned by Dreamhost for content producers. This is provided on a one-off fee.

There are cash rewards for referrals made to Dreamhost. In addition, Dreamhost offers free trials for a period of two weeks. Their money back guarantee runs up to ninety-seven days.

Dreamhost has a shared hosting service. The shared hosting is based on Debian Linux and it is aimed basically on the market’s budget end. Dreamhost’s VPS plus their dedicated hosting is based on Linux as well. A free domain name is provided when you sign up to any package.

Among the dedicated servers on Dreamhost include quad core and dual core options for processors. There is also an option to choose between run Nginx and Apache. Charitable organizations can benefit from the free web hosting provided by Dreamhost for non-profit charity organizations, although the organization should be US-registered.

Features and specifications of Dreamhost

Dreamhost WordPress hosting has a number of features that come with it. These features include PHP, Money Back Guarantee, Uptime, Backups, WordPress, and MySQL.

Dreamhost enables you to have much and plenty of email accounts. The new feature, atmail web client, may also be used to create and read emails.

Dreamhost WordPress Hosting Review

Dreamhost Control Panel

Dreamhost has made the navigation of WordPress hosting easier. It has a control panel that enables you to manage your hosting account. This also facilitates the viewing of a person’s configuration and service review options as well. The control panel is especially suited for beginners and intermediate web developers. It is user-friendly in addition to being easily understandable.

Some common control panel features such as cPanel and Plesk are not available with Dreamhost. The Dreamhost control panel is in-house build and custom controlled. The available features and services of the Dreamhost control panel range from the Django, billing, email account, ImageMagic to details of MySQL.

Provides an excellent bandwidth

Traffic spikes can always be handled any time promotions are run. This also applies to any other activity that aims at increasing the number of visitors to the website. The bandwidth provided by Dreamhost is unlimited unlike with other companies for normal website

Excellent customer support.

Customer support is always essential when you consider using some great services. Any service provider should provide the least wait time which the customer support staff may use to respond to complaints or enquiries from their clients.

Most customers consider contacting the customer service because they h have urgent issues. As a result, it is expected that the customer support staff will always be available. Dreamhost has an excellent 24/7 customer support service. They provide all forms of respond including live chats.

Whereby other companies may take up to 24 hours to respond to complaints, Dreamhost responses come as quick as in three hours. The staff are always humble and patient when dealing with their customers.

Dreamhost, however, does not offer telephone customer support. There is an option for customers to pay an extra fee in addition to their monthly fee so that in the future. The Dreamhost support can call them back in case they have urgent issues which they want to be handled immediately. This extra fee will also cover the live chats. The email correspondences are all free. That’s what I don’t like about the company, the telephone support should be free for all.

Dreamhost’s wiki provides most of the common questions on technical issues. These technical issues range from domain transfer, details of the FTP and DNS among others. The wiki works as a support portal together with the status of the network blog.

Affordable billing.

Dreamhost has an outstanding scheme for billing and packaging selection. Standard monthly billings, as well as annual billing plans, are offered to customers. Dreamhost understands that some customers may prefer much longer subscriptions and therefore offer billing plans of even two years.

Simple domain registration.

The registration of domain with Dreamhost is very simple and easy to manage by almost everyone. This could also be enhanced, for example, by permitting multiple several domains to be registered at the same instance.

Uptime guarantee

Dreamhost guarantees 100% uptime. This is usually for all the shared, virtual private servers and dedicated hosting. In a situation where your website, FTP, SSH, webmail or email fail, Dreamhost pledges to credit your account a whole free day specifically for every hour of downtime.

Extra features

Some other features available with Dreamhost include CloudFare security services and performance. Although limited, support is provided for Java. Jabber is offered full support which includes the ability for a person to run their own Jabber server.

Pros of Dreamhost

  • Dreamhost offers unlimited data storage
  • The bandwidth is also unlimited.
  • With Dreamhost, you can host unlimited number of sites
  • The number of MySQL databases are also unlimited.
  • Unlimited number of sub domains and Add-on domains. With Dreamhost, most of the packages that customers purchase will enable them to host an unlimited number of sub-domains and add-on domains.
  • There is Whois Privacy for the domains which are also free.
  • The software installation is just one click. Many one click installation software are available for Dreamhost, which therefore does not require that you should know the whole procedure for installing popular scripts. One may just have to click a few buttons and the script will be installed.
  • 100% guarantee on uptime.
  • WordPress hosting is optimized, the DreamPress plan includes all what you need.
  • Customer support provides live chat interactions.
  • Efficient programming. Almost any type of script including Perl, Python, PHP5 and CGI among others can be supported by Dreamhost.
  • Dreamhost offers full shell, FTP, SFTP, and SSH.
  • Awesome bonuses. Dreamhost offers $100 for Google Adwords.
  • The money back guarantee assures customers that if they are not contented with the hosting services provided by Dreamhost, they can request for the service to be cancelled. If the period of cancellation falls within the 97 days window provided, then the customer will be entitled to a full refund
  • The hosting price is pretty much affordable when compared to other hosting companies. They have packages costing as low as $ 8.95 a month.

The cons of Dreamhost

Although Dreamhost has been superb in providing WordPress hosting a few issues may arise as one continues using this platform to host their websites.

  • Additional costs accrue for the premium WordPress hosting
  • Dreamhost has suffered some power outages in the past and this problem might be bound to occur gain in the future.
  • Extra costs as a result of the many features that have been included in the Dreamhost Dashboard.
  • The control panel is text based and as a result not always as intuitive.
  • Security. All web hosting services are faced with security concerns. In the year 2007, more than 700 Dreamhost hosted websites were compromised
  • Insufficient promotion. Dreamhost unlike most hosting companies, does not often promote promotions.
  • Uptime let down. Although 100% guarantee is pledged by Dreamhost most of its users actually claim to have suffered site break down several times.
  • The starting fee is not as lowest as they claim it to be when compared to many other hosting companies. Inmotion Hosting is cheaper and better in this case.
  • The available cPanel on the control panel is not so easy to use.
  • Inability to access PHPMyAdmin. Although Dreamhost allows the setting up of a PHPMyAdmin URL which will be based on your domain, you may not be able to access PHPMyAdmin if the domain is not propagated to your host.

In addition, to the above, Dreamhost customers may experience problems with the VPS hosting. This is because Dreamhost’s VPS has too many restrictions and conditions. Disabled Sudo access. Dreamhost disabled Sudo access because in their view they felt that it did not enhance the performance of the hosting service.

Server constraints which prohibit the installation of some PHP extensions. Some of these extensions include eAccelerator

Final verdict.

In as much as Dreamhost has suffered some let downs in the past, most of these problems have been solved. For the hard to eradicate or predict issues, Dreamhost has put in place measures which will help to mitigate the risks unpredicted. This will go a long way in ensuring that the WordPress hosting services offered by Dreamhost can be heavily relied on regardless of the website being hosted.

Dreamhost is an affordable hosting company and their monthly rates are as friendly as anyone can find anywhere. Not only are they pocket-friendly but they also come in different packaging schemes that will suit the needs of your website whichever it is.

Small packages which cost as low as $ 8.95 per month may be especially suitable for small companies hosting less content websites that do not require a lot of content and system management. For larger companies which host bulky and more demanding websites, one may have to select the higher costing packages which will have everything you need to efficiently run your website.

Therefore, one can confidently say that Dreamhost offers sufficient value for money, whenever they offer their WordPress hosting services.

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