Most Secure Web Hosting Services in 2017

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If you are looking to start or redesign your website, or multiple websites, you’re going to need a web host. A web hosting is a service that provides administrative services, access, and storage space for a website. Web hosts operate your website out of a set of servers that they possess, but that you (for the most part) control.

Web hosts in recent years have made it very easy and mostly inexpensive to launch and maintain blogs or single page sites or multiple page websites. However, with the world we live in becoming rapidly more digital, many website owners and managers worry about possible security threats, namely from hackers or accidental leaks of information.

Insufficient security measures can lead to identity theft for you or your readers or customers. This type of attack could leave you penniless, your customers and readers penniless, and could very well land you on the bad side of a lawsuit.

The other risk that is still there would be a loss of revenue due to the disruption of your site or several of your sites. Either scenario can cause financial disease. The main things to look for in a web host in terms of security are: SSL, SFTP, redundant and safe automatic backups, and sufficient server housing and maintenance. Of course, there are many other security features available and they should not be dismissed, but again, these are the most important to most people.

InMotion Hosting and Liquid Web are two web hosts that offer extensive security features to reduce these risks and still maintain a good amount of ease of use.

InMotion Hosting

InMotion Hosting is a popular web hosting service that offers its service at a reasonable price. InMotion has 3/3 stars through CNET and an A+ BBB rating. InMotion oversees over 300,000 domains. Their data centers employ high performing servers that are all configured to operate an enterprise variation of Linux as their operating system.

Website owners can easily switch between business hosting and dedicated hosting services. Servers are purchased exclusively from Dell and other hardware is restricted to name branded purchases. InMotion owns a two data centers; one on the west coast in Los Angeles and another on the east coast of Virginia.

InMotion is also attempting to make itself environmentally friendly. Their Los Angeles data center uses state of the art cooling systems that cuts cooling costs by almost 70% and reduces carbon output significantly. InMotion makes web host transfers easy and leads in incoming transfers.


With WordPress, Joomla, or PrestaShop easily integrated, Inmotion offers accessibility, affordability, and security. This article will mainly focus on the business hosting plans because that is what the average audience will use. However, it is worth notation that several more advanced plans (such as VPS plans or dedicated service plans) are available through Inmotion hosting as well.

InMotion Hosting’s most basic plan starts at $5.99 per month. Though, there are many more resources available through the “power” or “pro” plans which are priced at $7.99 and $13.99 respectively. Each plan comes with free solid state drive storage. This feature will work to make your webpage or webpages load quicker than traditional storage. All three plans include $250 of free advertising credits.

This service company also offers a 90-day satisfaction guarantee that is a great piece of mind in the case that you are not happy with their service. While some web host services charge extra for data backup, Inmotion does not, it is included in your monthly service fee.

Several integration options are also available through Inmotion web hosting. Google app integration can be set up in three simple steps. Secure IMAP Email is available and can be configured to be accessible from any device. There are over 300 other applications available to users that are easily and quickly installed.

InMotion users also have the option to do code work on their web pages. Available codes include MySQL, Ruby, PostgreSQL, and PHP. There are also SSH capabilities.

Here is a table that depicts what some of the main differences are between three the business hosting plans.


Liquid Web

Liquid Web started in 1997. It employs over 400 staff members and works with over 30,000 clients. Liquid Web offers free migrations from other web hosts if you are already under contract with one and looking to switch.

They also have 3 data centers; potential users can take a virtual tour on Liquid Web’s website. They offer active monitoring of software, hardware, and networks that are designed to fix issues before they are noticed by many.

Liquid Web also backs up data to off-site locations in case of a major system failure. This will make it fairly easy to restore your website in the event of an outage as well as making the process quicker. Featured clients include Red Bull, M TV, Porche, Motorola, FedEx, The Home Depot, General Motors, and more.

The Liquid Web hosting is a slightly more expensive hosting service that claims that their superior customer service, as well as myriad of feature, makes up for the difference in price. Their top of the line features includes“heroic support,” automated nightly backups, unlimited email accounts, and SSH access. As with Inmotion hosting, Liquid Web offers many site services, but this description will focus on shared “expert” web hosting.

Liquid Web’s main advertisement is their excellent customer support. They promise that users will speak to a person at the help desk within 30 minutes, or get in contact with someone via web chat or a phone call within one minute.

All of Liquid Web’s plans include solid state drive storage, similar to Inmotion. Plans start with at least 400 gigabytes of transfer bandwidth and offer larger quantities.

The “webmaster” plan is the basic plan that aims toward simply hosting and managing a few websites; it is just under $20 per month. The “professional” plan includes a dedicated IP and SSL; it is about $25 per month. The high cost and most feature full plan for shared web hosting services will cost users around $40 per month. This “semi-dedicated” plan offers guaranteed CPU and RAM.

Here is a table outlining differences between the three main plans. They are each customizable to an extent with possible costs added on:



Both of these services are numerous in both included and available features. Both experienced website builders, as well as those that are rather new to the profession, should be happy with either Inmotion hosting or Liquid Web hosting. Liquid Web is the more expensive option, though it does offer more customer service and a few more features.

These two services are some of the most secure in the industry. Operating your website or websites under either of these hosting services should decrease the likelihood that you are dragged into a lawsuit, and decreases the risk of identity theft for yourself and your readers or customers.

Employment of either of these services should also make your site run more smoothly as well as more quickly because of their advanced data centers and the advanced hardware and software in those data centers. Each host offers great customer service support and have high overall ratings from their clients and review websites.

Enrolling in a web hosting service will allow you to take your website or websites to the next level. Web hosts usually offer more customization as opposed to those who run their web pages or blog through a simple site builder.

Additionally, upgrades such as bandwidth allowances, solid state storage, and the option for dedicated CPUs and dedicated RAM will increase security, as well as increase its loading speed. This is especially useful for those who expect their websites to grow into a larger readership. We hope that this article has helped you to narrow down your options for a web hosting service. Good luck building your web site!

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