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Fitness Website Templates: Top Rated Designs for 2019

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More and more people are interested in starting a fitness website, some of them focuses on a specific topic and others develop ideas and gives tips. But the common thing with all these sites is the design. If you really want to make your site professional and attractive, you need to choose from the best fitness website templates. I’ve selected the top rated designs based on the user review and my own experience.

Top rated fitness website templates

1. Power Fit

This is the first recommended fitness website template, for its quality, and features. The design is fully responsive and that means a lot in terms of performance and user experience, but also, you get a boost in the mobile search ranking. It’s a bootstrap design built with the latest coding languages, HTML5 and CSS3. Also, it’s one of the cleanest health and fitness templates that are optimized for speed, and SEO.

Fitness website Templates

The great, and powerful slider on the homepage helps attracting more visitors. At the same time, you get a contact form and a valid code, from the biggest place on the web to buy premium, and high quality templates. The menu at the top right side of the header make things better for navigation, and that’s what makes the full layout clean, and easy to read for all.

2. Start Fit

When it comes to great designs, and professional layouts for body building and fitness designs, this will be the best choice for your website. It’s a responsive design built with bootstrap, and it loads fats for the clean code, and the optimized layout.

It comes with back to top button, drop down menu, Favicon Uploader, and lots of other features. I recommend using the default black design that works better for website talking about sports, fitness and bodybuilding.

body building template

3. Fitness Club template

This is a clean template with valid code, and it’s built with HTML5, jQuery, and CSS3. It can be used for a fitness center website, or a blog, but most important, it can be customized as well, and you can edit the PSD designs for the slider, and everything on your theme. If you want to start a fitness club online, this will be a good theme to start with.  Also, it can be a gym website template that looks professional.

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Fitness club template

4. Marshall Smith

This is one of the best health website designs that works fast, and comes with a contact form, and more functions. As its color is black by default, it’s good for man body building and similar niches. But, you can customize it as you need, and make the needed changes.

 Marshall Smith

5. Fly Camp

This is one of the top rated website templates for female fitness, and sport websites. It loads super fast, because it comes optimized for performance and speed. Also, it makes things easy for the reader, by offering a clean design, with blue colors that are psychologically tested for health sites. You can add a contact page and a map on your home page or where you want. But make sure to use the social media buttons, and add your profiles for better exposure.

Fly Camp

6. X Fitness

This is the best fitness websites design. If you know how to create a good content for your readers and members, you will succeed with it. Everything is included in your design, and you can customize things when you need. But, the default layout is enough, and will perform better than other themes.

You can add the Google map on your home page, or the contact page, and also, the Google web fonts will be useful. If you have lots of pages to show, the drop down menu can help offering a better user experience.

X Fitness

7. Workout and Fitness Design

If you want to start a fitness website using a header image that show on all your pages, then, this is what you’re looking for. You can customize the homepage and add your own header image. Not all the health and fitness website templates are the same, you can risk your website to load slowly, but what this design does is more than amazing. Just install and let the site loads fast naturally, for the clean coding.

Fitness Design

Need other health website templates?

The above templates are the greatest, and the most optimized ones, they’re created by professional designers who know exactly how the fitness and the health niches works, and what the user looks for. So, you don’t need to waste your time with optimizations, and settings to make your site better. However, if you’re looking for the best fitness website design for applications like WordPress or Joomla, you can change your search and just select the right section from the website main menu.

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Also, you can read where to find  good website templates, use the site that works better for your budget and needs, and everything will be fine. For example, you can find a Joomla fitness template if you spend some minutes searching. The web design is not just a theme that you need to use, but, a complete system that can take your business to the next level if you make it professional, and clean.

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