How to Message Someone Who Has Blocked You on Instagram

If you’re trying to send a message to someone who has blocked your account on Instagram, or other social media, you’ll find it challenging. But with some tricks and search techniques, you can find ways to talk to them or tell them what you have in mind. That’s crucial in situations where an issue happens without being able to tell what’s happening in reality. But always remember to respect the platform’s guidelines and use it responsibly.

When someone blocks you on Instagram, you won’t be able to send them new messages based on the app’s system. That happens with Facebook, WhatsApp, and other social media apps and texting platforms like Snapchat. But of course, there are a couple of options that you can try and pass your message to that person who added you to the blocklist. So, let’s find out more about the best ways and methods.

Contacting an IG user who blocked your account

To successfully contact someone from your blocked accounts on Instagram, make sure you have their details. The person’s name or username can help you locate their other social accounts. But in all cases, you should respect the privacy of users on that platform and never spam when you shouldn’t do that. Instagram has strict guidelines when it comes to using the platforms. So, always look for other contact ways such as emails or phone numbers.

Search for their other social media accounts

Locating someone’s other social accounts by username is not complicated. Some search tools have the best technology to do that. But that’s not always a smart way to unblock yourself and send the message you want on Instagram through different platforms. For instance, if the person who has blocked you on Instagram has the username “linda1234” for example, you should add that username to other social networks and see if there is any profile there in that name.

By searching for that Instagram username on Twitter, Facebook, TikTok, or any other app, you might get that unknown account. After that, send them a friend request with a different name and pass your message right away.

Another trick that could help you in finding that person on the Internet is Google. So, search for that person’s name or username through Google, and look for pages where the details appear. Next, read through the pages until you find a social profile, site, or details about them. That way, you can look up a name and find the person behind it on multiple social networks simultaneously.

Meantime, if that person chooses to block a search through Google, then, probably, it’s probably not that easy to get the information using regular search engines.

Try TruthFinder

When you use TruthFinder, you can access billions of public records in the US. So, type the person’s name on Instagram, or try their email or any other details like a phone number and see the details behind it. The search engine keeps the search private, and no one can see that you searched for them online.

In a few minutes, you could get hidden accounts on Instagram, Facebook, and other websites with just a simple search by name or mobile number. But keep in mind that this powerful tool is only available for users in the United States. This is a smart way to reach a person who has blocked you on Instagram through their other contact details.

Use Instant Checkmate

Instant Checkmate is another people’s search engine that’s not only well known but also, it’s a true source of data. People use their tools to find out what their partners hide, such as accounts and contact details. Best of all, that saves time and effort, especially when trying to identify anonymous users behind fake social profiles. That should be useful in today’s world of fake profiles and information.

Their other accounts on social media

Instagram is not the only way of communication; there are many other options, such as emails. For that reason, I recommend looking further for contact details that you can search for. It’s true that once people block your Instagram, you won’t be able to talk to them again, but what if they have emails on Gmail or Outlook? 

That’s another solution, and when there is any email address that you discover by searching for your friend’s username from IG, you can easily send them your message but through email this time. The above screenshot example shows the emails on Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL behind somebody’s name from social media apps.

Here’s one example of a search that shows two accounts on Instagram of the same user.

Finding their other Instagram accounts

What if that person has another Instagram account?

This is another possibility, especially for guys or girls who use multiple accounts on Instagram. The best part about this news is that the username of that old account on Instagram can help uncover the additional profiles there.

Social Catfish is a great example of a tool that everyone can use and search by username. Of course, you need to copy and paste your friend’s actual or old username on IG, then find out if they have multiple accounts or not.

There should be a search report upon signup. However, the availability of details may vary from one person to another based on many factors. That’s an algorithm that searches for public data and detects pages with the same username or name.

This social search engine is available worldwide, and it’s not limited to the US like other options. So, make sure you try it and see what you can get as details about that IG user. Once you find new accounts, try to send them a friend request and tell them what’s on your mind.

Just respect that Instagram block

This is not the last chance, but the best one if you tried all the other methods with no success. Once someone decides to block you from sending them messages or viewing their posts on Instagram or any other app, you should think about that for a while.

There could be a legitimate reason for the person to block you. Can you remember any argument with them? And what if you’re in a relationship that’s not healthy through communication? There could be another person behind the scenes that caused that problem.

That’s why it’s a good way to go and see that person face to face if that’s possible. By explaining your point of view and learning why your partner has blocked you from messaging them again, you may get a good understanding of the matter.


Being blocked by your girlfriend/boyfriend on Instagram will prevent you from sending messages, just like viewing their posts. It’s a problem that can hide issues in your relationship in the first place or another thing that needs intention. 

Above are some tips and solutions to get access to that person’s inbox again, even through different social media accounts. Make sure you respect the privacy of users and always be in that respectful zone of communication.

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