How to Text Someone who Blocked your Phone Number

Can you text someone who blocked you? And what if they blocked your phone number, and also on messaging apps such as iMessage, WhatsApp, and others?

Want to send a text message to someone who has blocked your phone number? And you should find a way to reach your ex or anyone else, especially when it’s an urgent situation? So, try the options in this guide. We’ll show you the best ways. Just apply the right tips and tricks that work better for you.

How to text someone from a blocked number

Texting from a blocked number on WhatsApp is not the same as using Facebook Messenger or systems, including the default apps. Some chat platforms show the cell number as the ID of the user. So, it won’t be challenging to reach the person who blocked that cell number from another ID.

On the other side, using the default smartphone texting app like iPhone messages won’t let anonymous callers or IDs reach the inbox if the person filters private numbers. That being said, all these problems can be solved, and here is how to text a blocked number.

1. Find their other contact details (best option)

This is the best way to text someone who blocked you on iPhone or on any messaging app, or even on social media. This won’t take more than a few minutes with any of the following advanced people search tools that locate people’s personal details. You can find their contact phone numbers, emails, social media profiles (even the hidden ones), and of course, their home address.

This method lets you find the other contact information of the person who has blocked your number. And it does not matter if that happened on iPhone, Android, or even on texting apps like WhatsApp, Viber, or Facebook messenger.

Here is why this is a cool trick to text from a blocked number. Imagine that someone has blocked you on Snapchat or other social media apps like Facebook or Instagram. Now once you try to call or text them, you’ll find that you’ve been blocked this time again. What can you do? Just look up one of the usernames that they have on any of the social media profiles.

By doing that, there will be other cell numbers by name and even accounts on Instagram or WhatsApp that you don’t know about. In other words, this allows you to use multiple search options to contact people and text them even from a blocked number.

2. Use a different phone number

Using the step above, there are high chances of finding other cell numbers that the person uses for others. Just look at the report after entering his name and see if there are any known numbers there. Use it and see if you can text them back; this time, there is a possibility that they’re using another number, or at least they might not block you from that device.

3. Try Google Voice

When using Google voice, people get a new number that’s not linked directly to their primary contact detail. So give it a try and write your message to the number that blocked you. But this time, it won’t detect your real number because it’s another one from Google voice. 

There is another feature, Google Voice, that allows users to block their numbers from being shown when calling or texting, and that can work well in texting with a blocked number.

4. Write them a letter

This is an old-style method, but it works every time people use it. In difficult times when people find obstacles in reaching their loved ones or even sharing information with a boyfriend or a girlfriend, writing a letter and leaving it on their doors directly will deliver your message. But please don’t use it if you think it will be bad for them. Otherwise, it’s a way to explain what you have in mind and solve issues.

Writing traditional letters on paper is not the same as typing words on a smartphone and sending text messages. So make sure you leave your signature; that way, they know who you’re.

5. Send them an email

Even if someone doesn’t want to hear from you by phone, Gmail or any other email address is another way to contact him/her. By now, you may not have an idea about what email that person owns. And you have Google as a search engine to locate their details, or if you used the first option in this guide, you’ll have access to their personal information, including emails. When a guy adds someone else’s phone number to his blocklist, there are still other contact ways like emails.

If you don’t want to use your real email address, there are free services online that allow users to send anonymous emails directly from a web page. But we don’t recommend them as they may be collecting emails. By sending even a single message to someone, he can struggle with spam offers from robots and that’s not good for both sides. So, use this option with caution when you should text someone who blocked your iPhone or number.

6. Use a Burner phone or another number

Using a prepaid mobile phone should work and allow you to text someone who has blocked you. In fact, many shops on the streets sell these small phones with double SIM cards. In addition, they don’t require more than a few minutes to be fully working and deliver text messages to anyone. That’s because when you get a new phone with a SIM on it, it’s a new number that your friend doesn’t know about.

Many prepaid cell phones come with dual SIM. And thus, they solve the problem of switching numbers and risking or exposing personal information with spam sites. In fact, lots of people prefer buying a cheap burner phone for verifying their accounts with Facebook, Twitter or dating sites, and social media networks.

If you don’t have the time to look for a burner phone, there are many apps online that offer a second phone number for a small fee. Best of all, it’s a virtual number, and it can be used without changing your real ID. Some wireless service providers have the option to change the number or use an additional one.

Also, you may see if someone in your family can help and give you his phone to send a text message to the person who blocked your number. And this can work if it’s an urgent situation. Thus, by changing your number through an app, you can easily text the person who blocked you on Android. As a tip here, always verify if the phone number is spam or not before using it.

7. Use Facebook and social media

Finding someone’s Facebook account is not that hard when using Google or typing his name into one of the people’s search sites, like the first option above. However, if you already know the person’s Facebook profile, send them a message there. Now, let’s suppose they also blocked you from texting on Facebook. You can still create another account and use it for messaging again.

8. Use free texting websites

There are many websites that offer free both paid and free texting services over Voice or other technologies like the following:

  • Twilio
  •  InfoBip
  •  Nexmo
  •  TextMagic

Some of the other sites require registration, while others do not even have a high level of security, which can cause user issues. Besides, sending a text message from a website needs credit to deliver them to the target number. That’s how mobile networks work anyway. And by searching Google for online texting apps, you’ll see a long list of options and sites to choose from depending on your needs. That way, you’ll have the possibility to text someone from a different number.

9. Hide your caller ID

Hiding an ID when calling someone or texting them can deliver the message. But that may not be a solution, as people can also stop anonymous texts from reaching their inboxes. That being said, it’s worth it, and by hiding your number, there is a chance of telling what you have to say to the other person and bypassing the blocking barrier.

Here is how to text someone who blocked your number on your iPhone.

  1. First, go to “Settings
  2. Scroll down until you see the tab “Phone
  3. Click on it and find the option called “Show My Caller ID

After that, make sure you toggle it, so it turns from green to white or grey color depending on the settings of your device and theme.

Now you’ll be able to send a text without showing your number at all, on your iPhone. But don’t forget to back again and turn that option OFF. Otherwise, you’ll have issues contacting others from unknown numbers with no caller ID.

To text someone who blocked you on your Android devices. Follow the easy steps.

  1. Go to the “Settings” option
  2. Find “Show My Caller ID
  3. From there, choose “Hide number” and that’s it

Next time, when you send or call someone from your blocked number, he’ll see a private number or similar message. Now, there is no guarantee that this will work for everyone. But, it’s a good trick to text others and hide your number at the same time.

Should you text the person who blocked you?

Texting an ex-husband, an ex-wife, or even a friend or someone else from a blocked number is not always harassing or disturbing. In some conditions, it becomes crucial to text people even if they blocked your number. That could happen when you want to save the person from being hurt or getting problems simply because they accidentally added your phone number to their block list.

In addition, it happened many times that a girlfriend saw her boyfriend with another girl. And suddenly, she blocked him from texting and calling without any reason or proof. Later, that girl was the guy’s daughter, and they were dining at a restaurant. Do you see?

Imagine that same situation with others, and you’ll conclude that if someone blocked others from sending text messages, that could be legitimate, of course, when something bad happened and hurt them. In this case, we recommend stopping texting and thinking about that many times. If somebody blocked you, then, there is probably a reason for that. Ask yourself if you did something wrong. And you may find answers for why somebody blocked your number from texting them again.

On the other hand, the person might block a mobile number simply because he stole something from someone else who owns that number. And they don’t want to be asked for that item or money. That also happens a lot between friends and even family members. Don’t be surprised to hear that a girl blocked her best friend’s cell number and also on WhatsApp or even Facebook for one reason; she was a scammer. And, of course, she doesn’t want to be caught or even concedes.


These are times when people look for other alternatives to text someone when the number is blocked. It’s not about accepting their choice of blocking the number, but it’s also about contacting the person who lied to them and caused problems.

In all situations, use the above options and alternative solutions to send a text message to someone from your blocked number. And when successfully getting any new contact detail to reach back, make sure you keep calm and just explain in your message. Tell them what you have to say without making that harassment. Just try to fix the problem and not give them another chance to block you again with that contact detail.

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