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InMotion Hosting vs WP Engine: Web Hosting Comparison in 2017

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There are lots of reviews about Inmotion Hosting and WP Engine web hosting services, but the main problem is the trust of those reviews and what you can do to find the right ones. For that, I’ll make things easier and simple for you, I’ll compare InMotion Hosting to WP Engine in terms of speed, prices, features, customer support and much more.

InMotion Hosting compared to WP Engine hosting

1. Web hosting features

Inmotion Hosting is a trusted hosting provider for all kinds of websites. They offer the web hosting for PHP including WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and all the others, but also, they offer hosting solutions for hundreds of open source applications. Furthermore, you can get a VPS, a dedicated server, and, of course, a shared web hosting that costs less. It’s an affordable and a reliable web hosting that you can trust.

On the other hand, you have WP Engine that hosts WordPress websites only, that means a single application to host with them. But the difference here is that this premium and a managed web hosting offers exclusive optimization for WordPress and makes it loading super fast like no other hosting provider.

There is another thing to add here, Inmotion Hosting offers a free website migration service. So, you get all your site files moved securely by an expert technician. But unfortunately, WP Engine doesn’t offer that service.

2. InMotion Hosting vs WP Engine in server speed

This is a very important thing to look for in any web hosting service, the speed is what makes your website loading faster than your competitors if you do it the right way. That means better user experience, and even better ranking in search engines.

Inmotion Hosting vs WP Engine

If we compare InMotion Hosting to WP Engine in terms of speed, we can easily find that WP Engine is faster with an average server response time of 150 milliseconds and that’s blazing fast. On the other side, Inmotion Hosting is not bad, but slower, especially on the shared servers.

3. Server optimization

InMotion Hosting is a great web hosting, they offer optimized SSD servers with lots of features, but when it comes to WordPress, no other company can beat WP Engine, they have the most optimized and the fastest WordPress hosting with all the needs and the features that everyone looks for.

Inmotion Hosting features

For example, the caching system which is called EverCache is a unique optimization for PHP and MySQL that speed up the server response time and makes your website’s pages loading super fast.

Of course, you can optimize the server as you need with Inmotion Hosting, but you’ll need lots of time and also effort to put all things together. Web hosting is not only server hardware but also configurations and optimizations for many things including speed and SEO.

4. Server security

Both companies offer great protection for each web hosting account. So, you don’t have to worry about that, but if you want the best security, then, you have to pay more money with WP Engine to get an enterprise level security system for your website. The daily scanning checks your WordPress website for malware and other threats that you don’t need. Then, it will clean the website files and protects the directories.

 WP Engine features

Please make sure to protect your site before asking people to protect it. You need to avoid installing plugins and themes you don’t trust. And also, keep your login details secure without risking your site files.

5. The control panel

WP Engine has its own control panel that lets you manage the WordPress files and installs. For Inmotion Hosting, they offer the famous cPanel control panel that lets you install applications, manage your site files, make redirects and everything else that everyone needs. It’s a super easy to use control panel that comes with all the tools and the features that you need, even, there is a DNS manager tool.

The control panel shouldn’t be a problem when you have a managed web hosting, all the things will be well configured and ready to use easily. on the other side, if you want a shared web hosting for WordPress, then, the cPanel should be there for server and files management.

The cPanel file manager that Inmotion Hosting offers is what you need, it lets you edit, delete, move or rename any file in any folder in the website root directory.

6. Customer support

There is no need to worry about the quality of the customer support with both companies. Inmotion Hosting as WP Engine offers great support with a U.S-based department that you can reach by phone, live chat, or through tickets.

Also, you’ll find great tutorials with Inmotion Hosting and that’s helpful to get all the information and details on how to solve problems or add features to your hosting account. The forum community offers lots of solutions for many problems that can happen. That way, you can ask questions and get real answers from the support team, and also from other people who host their sites with Inmotion Hosting.

The only difference here is that WP Engine has a powerful optimized infrastructure with premium services, for that reason, you’ll find fewer issues and that mean fewer needs to contact their customer support for help.

7. Web hosting prices

It’s clear that Inmotion Hosting is cheaper hosting and suitable for all budgets, it lets you host any kind of website and with any size of the server. They have VPS and dedicated server plans to upgrade your website when you need. The shared hosting plans start from $4.19 per month, and that’s our exclusive 47% OFF hosting discount for readers.

Low-cost hosting doesn’t mean low quality with this hosting, they offer great services with amazing customer support. However, if you want to host a WordPress website and you have at least $29 per month to invest, then, WP Engine will be better,  it’s faster and fully optimized for WordPress.

In many cases, beginners choose their hosting plans based on the price comparison and they forget important things like the quality of the server, the caching system, the WordPress optimization and of course, the server management. All those things will make the difference between god and bad web hosting companies, and of course, the price shouldn’t be a problem unless you have a limited budget. In that case, with a minimum investment, you can choose the shared WordPress hosting solutions with cheap plans.

8. Uptime

The uptime is what makes your website or blog available all the time. It’s important, and WP Engine offers a 100% uptime with my own tests, their servers are strong enough to support any size of traffic and that never affects the server load or uptime.

Compared to WP Engine, Inmotion Hosting offers a 99.9% uptime guarantee, that’s not bad and it will be great for websites. But if you want to go for the top quality, then, WP Engine will be the right choice with its great uptime.

The WP Engine uptime and the thousands of hosting reviews they receive around the web

Conclusion: WP Engine or InMotion Hosting?

Let’s make it clear, both companies are trusted and have the resources and the infrastructure to host your websites or blogs, but the main difference is the WordPress web hosting. If you have a WordPress website, then, WP Engine will be the right hosting choice. But if you want to host WordPress or other software with cheap prices, then, you have to choose Inmotion Hosting, it’s affordable and reliable web hosting for all.

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