Just Moved from WooThemes to Genesis Framework

This website was launched in September 2013, and from the first day, I’ve noticed that the Woothemes designs use lots of codes and Java Scripts in the theme, this caused some problems, especially, for Google Chrome. At the same time, Woothemes is a good framework for WordPress that makes your blog unique and beautiful.

So, I tried to delete all the codes that I don’t use, but, as you know, you can’t do that with Woothemes framework, as a result, I moved to Genesis Framework, which is more flexible and optimized for speed and SEO, naturally.

Why Genesis themes are the best?

Genesis is not a regular framework that you can use to create WordPress themes, but also, it’s a powerful coded tool that takes your blog to the next level. The latest version of Genesis supports HTML5 and adds more functions to any blog. The best part is that the theme comes with integrated SEO options to customize your post descriptions and more.

Genesis themes are naturally responsive, so your blog will look good from desktops to tablets and Phones.

That’s what you can’t find in any other classic themes. To be honest, Thesis themes are also responsive and clean, but, you need more work to optimize them, and they’re different from any other framework. You have to know some HTML and CSS coding languages to be able to set your own theme as you expect and without errors.

Genesis Security

Genesis is the most strong Framework that uses the WordPress best practices and applying them to every coded area of your theme. Of course, nothing is perfect but, with Genesis themes, you have the most secure and trusted functions.

Optimized for Search Engines

When it comes to search engines, your theme code can affect your blog ranking with complicated, and unclear hierarchy. That’s what the StudioPress themes solve and care about, you don’t have to insert additional codes in your theme to make it custom and responsive. The genesis designs include only the needed codes, and this is what makes them clean and clear.

Self Customization

If you have a Genesis child theme and you want to make it more custom, you find yourself with open customization way, no restrictions and problems, you can edit any part of your theme. But, this needs some CSS and WordPress coding knowledge in general. However, you can search on forums and blogs, or directly from your StudioPress client area for some tweaks to customize your Genesis child theme.

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Faster loading time

The Genesis child themes can be easily customized, but also, they come clean from unwanted codes. All you have to do is to delete the functions that you don’t use and all the related CSS codes. But, what makes Genesis even better than the others is the optimized coding and the organized theme structure. In other words, you will save lots of time when it comes to your website speed and performance that affect the ranking with Google.

Support Forum

You can ask questions and ask for help and get answers from the StudioPress developers. There are thousands of useful answers that you can check and apply to your theme.

For the above reasons, I moved the site to the Genesis Framework. It’s my recommended way to start a WordPress website and looks professional. But most important, it lets you speed up the loading time. So, Google crawlers will access your blog faster and that’s what helps to index more pages easier.

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