Namecheap compared to 1and1

Namecheap Vs 1and1: Web Hosting and Domains Comparison

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When it comes to web hosting and domain registrations at the same time, only a few companies are reliable and affordable. For that reason, this Namecheap Vs 1and1 comparison will show you the differences between both providers. But also, you’ll find the features of each company and then, you can choose the one that suits your site and business needs.

Namecheap compared to 1and1

Namecheap is a trusted and well-known hosting providers and domain name registrar. They offer services for both individuals and small businesses. They offer different levels of web hosting, including shared hosting, VPS, and dedicated servers. Along with that, they offer SSL certificates at cheap but with professional encryption.

1&1 is another popular company that offers web hosting and domain names.  They claim to be hosting over 11 million domains.

Here is the comparison overview in the following table:

New domain cost$10.69$0.99
Domain renewal cost$10.69$14.99
Web hosting$9.88$11.88
Control panelcPanelPlesk
Customer supportLive chat, tickets, emailsPhone, live chat, tickets
Support qualityVery Good Low to Average
Server speed7/105/10
Visit Namecheap and save moneyNot recommended

Namecheap Vs 1and1 in prices

Comparing the domain name and the web hosting prices can be a key factor for choosing the right provider. The Namecheap “.com” domains cost $10.69 per year and the renewal price is the same as well the transfer. On the other side, 1&1 “.com” domains cost $0.99 for the first year, but the renewal price is expensive as it will be $14.99 every year. So, in the long-term, Namecheap is the cheapest domain name registrar.

For web hosting, Namecheap offers a low-cost plan at $9.88 for the first year. Then, you pay $38.88 per year and that’s great if you know that you get cPanel, and SSD configured servers.

On the other hand, 1&1 offers cheap plans with unlimited resources. The smallest plan cost less than a dollar per month, and it’s more expensive than Namecheap.

So, Namecheap offers affordable web hosting and domain names. Their plans are cheaper and come with enough resources to run your website smoothly. 1&1 offers cheap services, but with nothing as quality in the end.

Uptime compared

In terms of Uptime, Namecheap has powerful SSD servers and 100% network uptime. They upgraded their infrastructure and things work faster, and better now. For 1&1, they offer a 99.9% uptime guaranteed.

There are lots of complaints about 1&1 and their pricing model, cancellation policy and more, here is an example from a customer:

Namecheap Vs 1and1

As you can see, the customer wanted to cancel his account, but nothing happened and the company continues charging him for nothing in the end. Also, he found the server working slowly and that’s the same problem that other people found with 1&1 hosting.

The customer support

Namecheap offers support by live chat, emails, and tickets, however, they don’t have a phone support. I’m still using their hosting and every time I need help, the live chat is what I need. They respond quickly and solved any issue I found.

For 1&1, they offer support by phone, live chat and emails, however, there are lots of issues with the quality of their customer support.

The tutorials and documentations are also a part of the support. Namecheap offers lots of step by step web hosting tutorials. You can find problems and how to fix them. Or simply, you can find how doing everything in your control panel and manage your account easily.

The server security

Both companies offer daily scanning for your website files, however, the 1and1 system worked with limitations. Namecheap offers powerful firewall and they have their own security package that protects every file. Also, they create a backup for your website twice a week. That saves you lots of hard work when you need to restore a file.

Namecheap offers secure FTP access, with password protected directories to prevent anyone from accessing your site directories.

At the same time, their powerful premium DNS comes with DDoS protection and strong browser scanning system. That means a lot these days when the DDoS protection costs thousands of dollars for companies.

The Server speed

The server speed and the response time should be fast and optimized for different applications. For WordPress, for example, the server should create a cache of the files and optimize PHP. That’s exactly what Namecheap does. They have better performances and faster server response time. However, if you find your site slower than the expected, then, make sure to compress all its content using their website optimizer tool in cPanel.

That happens when you have large files such as images in your server. So, you can compress everything and the server will load faster for your website.

Namecheap site optimize

Namecheap uses the latest Dell server technologies, they make everything up to date from hardware to software and infrastructure. They have two data centers in the USA and the UK with very fast network uptime.

Control panels compared

1 and 1 offer the Plesk control panel which is confusing and comes with lots of issues. On the other side, Namecheap offers the cPanel control panel, it’s the best control panel in the market. You can use it to manage your website in a few clicks.

With cPanel, you’ll find lots of tools like the auto-installer software. It lets you install different software like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and hundreds of others. Also, there is a powerful DNS management tool, you can add domain records if you need or anything else.

Namecheap vs 1&1: Which one is the best?

Both companies have years of experience in web hosting, but when you look closely, you’ll find that Namecheap is the better. It works faster as a web hosting provider and domain registrar, and they have better customer support and options. You can add extras and have your own SSL certificate for a low cost. Furthermore, it’s a reliable hosting that offers powerful DNS management tool and lots of tutorials.

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