How to Remove your Phone Number from Telemarketers and Commercial Calls

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If you’re one of the millions of people who receive thousands of commercial calls from telemarketing companies, then, you already suffer from their daily offers that never interest you, however, you still get calls every day and at any time. At the same time, it’s not easy to remove a phone number from telemarketers and their websites, simply because your number is already stored in their database.

So, you need to start with the exact website or company that store your details, then, make sure to remove your personal number from the Google page result. Follow the below steps and you will protect yourself from unwanted calls and save your time.

remove your phone number from telemarketing lists

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Remove your phone number from Telemarketing lists

If you already tried to search for some ways to stop the commercial calls, then, surely you’ve found lots of methods, but they all talk about contacting the website or the phone. Indeed, there is a fast and legal protected method that you can use (this is for the US), all you have to do is to add your phone number The National Do Not Call Registry and verify it.

They will update the “do not call list” that every telemarketing company should agree to follow legally, telemarketers have 31 days to stop calling you from the date you’ve added your number. Please note that this is the easiest method and it’s protected legally, so, they should stop calling you. You can read the full FAQ by visiting this page.

If after the 31 days, you still get those spam calls from the same company or even from others, then, follow the below steps.

Identify the caller number

The first logical thing you need is the number that calls you all the time and I hope it’s a single number and not many. If that’s the case, don’t worry, it’s just an additional work, but you will solve your problem as possible. To find the caller from a telephone number, you need to start with some of the free services. I will list a few of them:

Caller Identification App or (CIA), simply visit their website and insert the exact number you want to look for. At the same time, install the application for your smartphone to identify all the incoming calls in the future if they are unknown or from telemarketing centers, so, you can block them automatically.

If none of the above sites helped, then, you have to use a premium phone lookup service like Phone Detective that I recommend. You will get results with them.

Now, it’s supposed that you know some information about the caller number, generally, you get the name of a company or the business owner. If you’re lucky, you will get their website also.

Identify the website identity (optional)

This is a good option to find the caller identity if you can do that using the phone number directly, all you have to do is use one of the free Whois lookup tools, enter their domain name and you will get all their details if they’re using hidden identity. You can also find their identity using the IP address, it works as the domain name.

Contact the webmaster

This is the second step to start with, if you succeed with it, then, all the other steps will be easier. If you have the website, visit it and find the contact page, in general, it’s called “Contact Us”, “Contact”, “Support” or any other nomination that let you find their information and emails. Then, send them your request of contact removal, if they ‘are friendly, you will get a response within 48 hours.

If you can’t find any contact information on the website, search it on Google as the below structure:

contact, OR support, OR sales

Just replace “” with your target domain, you can also add other terms like “contact us” and add “OR” just before it and a comma after it as the above example, that way, Google will look for one of those words in the full website indexed pages and give results based on that.

In the other case when you still not updated with a response within 10 days, then, their website is not updated or the webmaster is not serious. Wait for some days, and send another email saying this time, that you will report their business and website to the federal justice.

Ok, it’s not really that, but you only want to make them unstable and they should take action and remove your phone number. You need to show them that you’re really serious and you’ll go all the way with justice and you have their exact server IP, location, and the real names and addresses.

Contact their web hosting provider

This is necessary if you can’t find any way to contact the website, find the hosting company behind that website by using a free “who host this domain” such as Normally, you will get the result that you want, then, save these details and visit the company. Please use Google and search for the exact company name, not all the hosting providers are known and popular. So, you just need to name and find the site with Google if you don’t have any idea about it.

In this case, you can contact their hosting and ask them to send your message to the site owner directly, of course, you have to say that they should remove you from their phone list. In the majority of cases, they will do, if not the hosting company will force them to delete your details or they will terminate their hosting account.

Remove your phone or details from Google search

This is an important step when you have your phone number stored or shared in your, or the other social accounts like Google plus and all the Google’s products, all you have to do is send a removal request to Google. Please visit the Google content removal page. Just check the exact service that you want as the below screenshot example. If you have multiple removal requests, send them one by one depending on the target Google product.

How to Remove your Phone Number from Telemarketers

If the webmaster says they removed your contact info from the page, but it still appears on Google, then, you should request an updated page removal or update, visit the Google Remove outdated content tool, add the URL and follow the next steps.


The above steps will help you to remove your contact information and especially the phone number from the telemarketer’s list and stop them spamming you. Starts with the first easy method that will protect your number from commercial calls, if it’s not the case, then, use the other steps and protect yourself in the future.

Never share your phone number on forums (even on your profile page), and never send you phone number on Facebook and any other social network. Their profiles can be accessed by hackers and you should stay safe.

At the same time make the online privacy and protection, your daily things to care about them. If you should use your phone number online, make sure that the page that you are using for that is encrypted and protected, the green lock at the top of the browser URL bar indicates that.

I hope this helped, please share your comments or tell us about your method to remove phone numbers from the web.

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  1. sorry this does not work, I’ve been on this list since it came out but I still get calls from hundreds of telemarketers I have made sure my number is not public information and have reported every violator but they still call. The list does not work.

    1. Author

      There is no real way to remove a number from spammers’ lists, it’s just a list that can help in many cases, but not all of them. Phone marketing is a spam business, and only legal solutions can help.

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