Top 5 Internet Marketing Forums with Millions of Visitors

If you search for Internet marketing forums, you will find thousands of them, but the challenge is to find real places with a good amount of visitors.

That’s the right way to post your offers and make money with your affiliate programs, or even, your own services. I will help you with five forums that I consider, the most visited internet marketing forums in the world. They receive millions of visitors per month.

Before selecting these forums, I checked and verified their traffic and trust. So, you get real forums to start promoting your business and ensure that you have enough visitors to your post.

Each one of these places receives lots of traffic per month. This will really be a good return on investment if you wish to invest. They’re and qualified sources of traffic if you just want to drive customers to your website or blog.

Best forums for affiliate marketing

1. Warrior Forum

Alexa Rank: 177

Google Page Rank: 5

Warrior Forum is the number one forum where millions of marketers are exchanging information, and looking for a partner, or simply learning tips. If you have a product to sell, you should join this giant forum, I can’t imagine an internet business that wants to get free visits without promoting his company in the warrior forum.

Warrior forum receives over one million visitors per day and over 32 million visits per month, you can’t find another forum with this amount of traffic. What I like in this forum is the quality, there is a good quality of content with a fast moderation to stop spammers.

2. Digital Point

Alexa rank: 2800

Google Page Rank: 5

Digital Point forums come just after the warrior forum. It’s the second biggest place for Internet marketers, it receives over 10 million visitors per month and has active registered users in many categories. You can advertise or promote your business with a Digital forum and expect a good amount of traffic.

This is a good place for people who buy and sell domain names, websites, and themes. Indeed, you will find amazing opportunities with a large number of sellers and buyers.

What I don’t like at Digital Point is the number of spammers, as in other forums, you will find some spammers, or even, scammers who try to low quality products and sites or other things. At the same time, this forum moderators are trying their best to stop spammers. But, the number of these people has increased in the last years.

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You should use Digital point to get exposure to your business to millions of visitors, but, be careful when browsing offers. So, if you want to buy anything there, just make sure to verify the seller’s identity, or even, ask the moderators. They can give you clear detail about their business and you will stay safe from scammers.

3. Wicked Fire

Alexa Rank: 1100

Google Page Rank: 5

This is a great place to get new customers and build new relationships with internet marketers. With Wicked Fire forums, you have less competition than the above forums. At the same time, you have one million and a half monthly visitors to advertise, or promote your business. Like any other professional forum, you can find affiliate marketing posts, education centers, and many other offers, and categories.

4. Web Cosmo Forums

Alexa rank: 21.000

Google Page Rank: 4

Web cosmos forums are the ideal place for website hosting marketers. They have great posts and active users who talk about web hosting and tips, they are looking for partnerships and new business relations. But also, these forums give you other options, such as internet marketing discussion, affiliate marketing, programming, and much more.

5. V7N Networks

Alexa Rank: 4000

Google Page Rank: 5

The V7 Network forums are another good place for marketers who need new places for their offers, and partnerships. This forum receives over one million and a half visitors per month. As with any popular forums, here you can promote all the business offers that you have, marketing, affiliate networks, PPC networks, and much more. Just select the right categories for your business, and receive qualified and targeted traffic.


These five forums are the best and the most visiting places on the web, where internet marketers promote their business and make money. The only rule that you should know is to moderate your posts, don’t post too many threads. This will look like a spam method and you will get banned.

So, post one single thread per day for each forum, and receive good quality traffic to your website or blog, or even, landing pages.

I’ve just selected only five forums instead of hundreds that are low quality. That will help you and save you time searching for them. I hope you enjoyed this shortlist.

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Please share your own trusted list that receives millions of visitors per month in your comment.

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