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Best Web Hosting Provider for WordPress Blog in 2019

To choose the best web hosting provider for your WordPress website, you need to know how each company is different from the others. For that, you need to compare some criteria, such as, the loading time, the hosting history and the reliability. However, in our days, the web hosting is a large business with similar providers and sometimes the same servers, but under another brand name, especially, with hosting resellers.

So, it takes some time to find a web hosting that optimizes your website with the latest hardware and technologies. Today I’ll show you the best hosting companies to make your blog load faster and secure, with good customer support, and prices that suit your needs and budget.

What is the Best Hosting for WordPress?

WordPress is the best blogging platform for millions of people around the world. They know exactly how their system works and what they need to run their software with maximum power. WordPress recommends Bluehost as the shared hosting for WordPress. But also, they have a fully optimized and managed WordPress hosting service.

At the same time, you need to know that there is a premium and managed hosting company called WP Engine that offer exclusive speed and caching services for their users and it’s the recommended service for people who look for the top quality and the professional hosting.

If you don’t have time to understand why Bluehost is the recommended hosting company for WordPress, you can just stop here and sign up for a Bluehost hosting account and be confident 100% that it is the best place to host your blog in a shared environment at cheap price. But, if you want more details about that company and why it’s the best in terms of speed, prices and customer support, you can continue reading.

The first thing to look for when it comes to web hosting is the history of the company, and the hosted domains. Bluehost is one of the oldest web hosting companies. They started their business 18 years ago, exactly in 1996. They have their own servers and data centers. They invested millions of dollars to grow their company and be the best choice for WordPress.
The second criteria is the server speed, which reflects the blog loading time. If your blog loads fast then, Google crawlers can access it easily, and visitors will return again for the great experience. One of the factors that Google uses to rank web pages is the loading time, no one can say the exact importance of that ranking factor, but, it’s important.

If Google rank web pages and favorite fast blogs, then you should take that into consideration, and choose a web hosting company with fast loading time.

The technical support is the third criteria to choose a hosting company. You’ll find some issues in the future, and find yourself in the need to call your hosting provider for support. No one will continue with a company that responds to their customers in days and not minutes.

This is what Bluehost keep in mind since years and serve their customers with the fastest customer support in minutes.

They have phone support always available 24/7, and live chat with professional agents. Also, you can get email support in less than 4 hours in general.

Best Web Hosting Provider for WordPress

These are the most important things to compare web hosting companies and select the best one. You don’t have to worry about auto installer, most of the web hosting providers include a free auto-installer and other free resources.

If a hosting will offer fast servers, and immediate customer support for shared hosting plans, So, you don’t have to worry about your blog with shared or dedicated hosting.

I just added a simple speed comparison between Bluehost and HostGator. This is not a factor, but, if a company like Hostgator don’t take care of their website. So, they will neglect your website speed also. In the below screenshot from Gtmetrix, you can see that Bluehost website is optimized and fast while Hostgator is slow and poorly optimized.

Bluehost vs Hostgator

You can also look at other factors to compare web hosting providers, Like the price and promotions… But you will find that Bluehost is the preferred web hosting provider for WordPress. You can host unlimited domains and get unlimited bandwidth and disk space with one account. Best of all, you get free professional services.

At The same time, Bluehost offers an instant VPS hosting with amazing features and of course, good prices. This is the ideal solution for fast growing blogs and websites. Also, People trust them for the great dedicated servers and the cheap VPS plans.

Other companies are trying to be fully working with WordPress platform. This is a really interesting investment and brings effective results. WP Engine, for example, is premium and managed hosting provider that offers the quality and the speed of servers at the same time. The most important difference with Bluehost is their high prices.

With Bluehost, you can host unlimited websites at only $6,99 while WP Engine allows one installation for their first plan of $29, which is incomparable in terms of prices for people who need to save money. But they offer more installation and monthly visitors for their advanced plans. It’s the perfect hosting for small business and fast growing sites.

These company host brands like Buffer and many others and it worth every single cent that people pay for lighting fast servers and fantastic support.

What hosting should you choose for WordPress?

As you can see there are multiple choices, but with different benefits. If you compare, you will find that Bluehost is cheap for the shared plans and it works great. Their plans suit the small budgets and work well with small and medium size blogs.

They offer unlimited disk space and bandwidth, fast servers, professional and fast customer support and uptime near to 100% at low price are what every blogger and site owner need.

On the other side, if you want the best of the best, then WP Engine is the right choice, but cost more.

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