MaxCDN Review: The Best Content Delivery Network (CDN) Pros and Cons

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MaxCDN bills itself as one of the largest CDN (Content Delivery Network) provider for CMS systems and even full blown setups (Drupal, Joomla, Magento, WordPress, etc), and is designed to suit all bandwidth needs. This is the full MaxCDN Review that will make things clear and easier to understand, and helpful to choose the right CDN plan and more.

With more than 16 POP’s (Points of Presence) strategically located across the globe, MaxCDN has a footprint in over 90 countries and offers class leading SSD-powered hardware for superior speed and reliability.

MaxCDN Review

Google added significant changes to its algorithms with the Panda update, and the need for increased site load times, were one of them. This is exactly what MaxCDN aims to do – deliver content faster regardless of the device and file size. Conceived in 2009 and headquartered in Los Angeles, California, MaxCDN is the Content Delivery Network of choice for some of the biggest names on the web including:

  • Moot Inc
  • BuySellAds
  • Stackoverflow
  • The Next Web
  • TemplateMonster
  • WP Engine

MaxCDN is the best CDN that’s affordable and easy to use service that’s able to boost your site performance by an astounding 350 percent resulting in an improved user experience. This also helps curb bounce rate and leads to more page views as people will be happy to check out more content on your site. MaxCDN is a popular CDN service that’s extremely easy to integrate with your website, and when setup correctly delivers a positive impact on your SEO efforts.

MaxCDN Features

When it comes to features, MaxCDN doesn’t fall short and for starters offers a bespoke network with Edge locations that are strategically located in areas of high demand. Adding to this, these MaxCDN locations are powered by 100 percent SSD servers and accelerated by Anycast routing to top it off.

Real Time

One of the features to look for when choosing a CDN is real time control to help you work faster and deliver unmatched results. For that, MaxCDN offers no disappointment in this area. Their API honors instant purging of calls regardless of whether they are removed via your custom built app or intuitive MaxCDN control panel.

MaxCDN also as a content distribution network provides real time SSL integration almost instantly. That’s of course, with no waiting period or the need to submit support tickets. MaxCDN through its control panel even offers real time reporting by sourcing vital data from all Edge locations allowing you to quickly analyze the behavior of your content and traffic. Some of the other features of real time reporting include network stats, comprehensive logs, and requests on a per second basis.


Real time insights, provide you with firsthand access to your logs through the API, MaxCLI or the control panel. Adding to this, real time reporting allows you to view and determine future behavior. And you can even save your logs in a format of your choice and into your S3 bucket or any other popular web services such as Amazon Elastic Load Balancer and CloudFront.

This simply means that even a single CDN server response for your area/zone is made available to you for you to create customized dashboards, reports and more.

MaxCDN Analytics


Just another great feature of EdgeRule provides you with complete control over your content by allowing you to customize the way you render it to your users. With EdgeRule, you are able to optimize your SEO, change your asset delivery and security measures and improve your overall mobile experience. Although EdgeRule does offer some pre-customization options, you can create your own options according to your needs.

Edge settings

Origin Shield

This MaxCDN feature prevents overloading of your origin when new content is published even in peak traffic. This ensures that are no hiccups in content delivery and your users are still able to enjoy your content even while server activity is high. In an effort to boost performance, Origin Shield POP’s are spread across several different areas and are connected via robust 10Gbps data centers.

Each location is programmed to use one location as a primary and has others to serve as backup. In the event network, issues arise, the MaxCDN edge servers are able to re-route the query to another server location. MaxCDN Origin Shield basically prevents overload and provides efficient origin requests and excellent purging and provisioning.


MaxCDN offers SDN’s (Software Development Kit) for Go, Node.js, Ruby, PHP, .NET and Python. These SDK’s offer you complete control over managing your CDN hosting account and even create your own control panel. With Github integration, further automates and simplifies your development and code deployment. MaxCDN also provides complete API documentation for every language, making it easy and faster to get up and running.

MaxCDN Performance

MaxCDN’s response time is proven to be a faster content delivery network than other cloud CDN products. And also, MaxCDN boasts the best average error rate in its segment. Although it is fairly small compared to its competitors with only 12 POP’s (Points of Presence), content files are served to from the nearest server to the user’s location resulting in reduced server load and faster website load times. Thus, MaxCDN is a fast CDN that works with maximum performances.

MaxCDN Content Caching

This is what customers are saying about MaxCDN, it’s a real CDN testimonial from a well know foundation Executive Director:

MaxCDN customer reviews

Also, there are thousands of MaxCDN reviews from around the web that recommend the service as the greatest and the fastest CDN.

MaxCDN Security

MaxCDN offers top notch security features compared to other CDN providers. So, you can rest assured your content is safeguarded against prying eyes. It allows you to set the time for the availability of your content as well as manage the people who access your account. It also offers a two-step verification process for website visitors, where they are required to verify their login first before being granted access to your content.

Enabling Two-Step Authentication

Owners are kept informed via emails whenever origin is modified and even when a user logs in from a new IP for the first time. MaxCDN even allows you to limit logins to specific IP addresses, where you can add as many IP addresses as you like and disable them on the fly with a single click. MaxCDN also provides details on who is accessing your control panel including user agent, user, timestamp, activity location and activity location i.e. country and city.


With the help of global architecture, EdgeSSL is able to provide CPU grade security and can be enabled on the fly. To enable SSL in real-time, simply click the respective option in the control panel and your SSL begins working in real time. That’s what eliminates the need for manual installations and time wasted in deployment time.


Another thing to mention here is that MaxCDN has faster SSL than the other content delivery network companies.

How does MaxCDN Work as a Content Delivery Network?

Simplicity is one of the key features to look for in a CDN especially if you’re one of the many blogs or small businesses that don’t have a large IT department. And MaxCDN does this quite well by providing instant access right from the website, with no long term commitments or tricky contract negotiation. MaxCDN is a perfect content delivery network with a key focus on websites that require maximum speed or with high volume.

MaxCDN basically places content in several locations in order for the person visiting your website can receive content faster from the server that’s closest to them. By having your files spread across several locations and servers, you eliminate any level of latency (waiting time) by providing users with the files from a location near them and not across the globe.

Content delivery network

MaxCDN Setup

Before integrating MaxCDN with your CMS, you will have to create an account and select an account that matches your needs. You will then need to submit your site for an application in order to receive the login credentials to the MaxCDN website. Once you’ve logged in successfully to the website and selected your plan, you will have to create a Pull Zone.

Create a Pull Zone

This is easily done by hovering to the “Zone” section and creating a New Pull Zone. Then, complete the field and wait for the Ppull Zone to be created for you.

CDN Pull Zone created

MaxCDN offers clear documentation as well as videos on how to go about the Pull Zone creation and the rest of the installation process. Once you’ve completed the setup process, your site will be faster locally and across the globe.

The best CDN service Infrastructure

As mentioned earlier, MaxCDN POP servers are located in several locations across the globe, so each query is fulfilled by the nearest POP server. This multi-path network allows you to deliver content regardless of its size quickly and efficiently and with class leading traffic shaping logic technology.

With MaxCDN’s FastStack feature, you are able to optimize your site speed even more with the help of custom TCP stack and SSD powered servers. Furthermore, the MaxCDN’s content delivery network architecture has the latest hardware and software technologies. Thus, the speed of the server will be faster than other CDN providers.

MaxCDN Control Panel

MaxControl as MaxCDN likes to call it is an advanced yet easy to use CDN control panel that allows you to perform several tasks including tools to monitor your account with several tools. From the control panel, you can maximize the performance of your site almost instantly with a single click.

MaxCDN control panel

MaxControl even allows you to make changes to your account with Instant Provisioning and apply those changes immediately. The MaxCDN control panel allows you to make informed decisions by providing you with real time reports and even control how servers deliver content in real time, eliminating the need to contact the support. It’s not only the best CDN service provider but also, the easiest CDN with an easy control panel.

MaxCDN Prices

MaxCDN is a pay as you CDN company that offers three plans to choose from and enterprise CDN plans. Even more, there is the custom CDN plan that can be had by contacting the customer support. The content delivery network pricing for this company is clear and easy to understand. The three MaxCDN plans Starter, High Volume and Enterprise offer total transparency, rollover bandwidth, no extra charges for HTTP and access to some of the best support engineers in the industry.

Starter plans start are priced at $9 (2 website zones), $39 (3 zones), $79 (5 zones),  and $299 (7 zones). For which, you get 100GB, 500GB, 1TB and 5Tb respectively in bandwidth usage per month. That’s an affordable CDN with the right plans.

Moving up a notch to the High Volume enterprise content delivery network plan brings in:

  1. 10TB (10 zones) bandwidth usage for $499 per month
  2. 50TB (25 zones) bandwidth usage for a cost of $2560 per month
  3. 150TB (50 zones) bandwidth usage for a cost of  $6144 monthly
  4. 350TB (100 zones) bandwidth usage for a cost of  $12544  per month

Keep in mind that a secure and cheap content delivery network doesn’t mean a low quality service, but you get the best service in the world.

You can add more server locations to your MaxCDN account for an additional $15 per month with the Starter and High Volume while it’s free with the Enterprise plan. Some of the features included in all three plans include shared SSL, instant SSL, instant purging, real time reporting, 2-step authentication, IP whitelisting, detailed activity log, 24-hour support and 1 on 1 setup call.

CDN Purging

CDN Purging

With a simple CDN pricing comparison, you can find that MaxCDN is the cheaper service. The CDN reviews from real customers around the web highlighted the affordable plans of this trusted Content Delivery Network.

MaxCDN Support

MaxCDN 24/7/365 client support is ranked as one of the best in its segment and is available via phone, email and live chat. Additionally, the MaxCDN website a dedicated FAQ page and provides an engineer to resolve the most technical queries. MaxCDN also provides help with the setup process, configuring the MaxCDN zone and even a tour of the control panel.

They promise a response time of less than 2 minutes for support tickets and an average 1 minute live chat response time. MaxCDN support agents also provide advice on how to optimize your usage and offer additional services. It also worth noting that the MaxCDN content delivery network is backed by a 30-day money back guarantee and refund policy.

The refund process is generally completed within an impressive 24 to 48 hours from the time of cancellation, but renewal charges, additional bandwidth, and add-ons are no covered under the MaxCDN refund policy.

MaxCDN Pros 

  • Free test account service available
  • Global CDN
  • Low cost CDN
  • 30-day money back guarantee
  • Superb architecture
  • Unsurpassed support through 3 channels – live chat, email, and phone

MaxCDN Cons

  • Pricing set per fixed bandwidth, so even if your usage is less, the price remains the same

Final Thoughts on this MaxCDN Review

For its affordable pricing, simplicity, and rich features, MaxCDN is inarguably a viable choice for both small businesses and bloggers looking for a more scalable and speedy web presence. One of the key strengths of MaxCDN its MaxResponse, which is round the clock supports that guarantees you an answer from a highly knowledgeable MaxCDN support engineer. Thus, MaxCDN is the best Content Delivery Network with secure servers, amazing customer support, and affordable plans.

They have several price plans to choose from and a good thing here is that they are set per bandwidth. So, you can easily get the one that’s right for your business or website. With features such as MaxResponse, MaxControl and MaxArchitecture and backed by a 30-day hassle-free refund policy, MaxCDN is definitely the best content delivery network (CDN) available today.

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