Wrong Blogging Tips that you Don’t Need Anymore in 2019

When new bloggers starting building their blogs for the first time, they start following tips that never work again. These blogging tips are the biggest mistakes that people follow in many cases. It’s simply because of the rapid search engine growing, and how you need to adapt your content to Google, and people, at the same time.

In this post, I’ll show you the biggest mistakes to avoid, by forgetting some tips that you still read on the web.

Social media

Bloggers started building their social media profiles instead of their content. Newbies especially, spend hours and hours every day to share content and respond to comments. That’s without talking about other hard work that every social media user needs.

That’s all a is a waste of time, you don’t need social media at all. The Google algorithm, for example, is not using your number of followers, and the total shared links as a ranking factor. People still believe that they needed to share links on Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest to get better ranking.

All you have to do to is to create the right content for your audience, and focus on good things that help your blog to succeed. Look around and you will find thousands of bloggers who spent lots of time, and even, money with Facebook, and they ended with a few hundreds of followers, but, with nothing as content, and search engine ranking.

That means that gets a few percentages of traffic if they’re lucky. If you’ve just started a new blog, my advice will be simple: forget those social media myths, and you will build a strong site with good content that brings search engine traffic, and not the traffic from Facebook that never convert.

That doesn’t mean to forget social media later, when you start receiving good traffic, you can start creating some profiles. But, take that as a bonus, and not a way to drive traffic or sales. The social media traffic is the worst one that poorly convert.

Budding links

You don’t need any link building way or strategy. All you have to do is to create the content that ranks well in search engines through its quality, and people will find your articles and link to them naturally. That’s the only way to let links build naturally, and you will stay safe and protected from Google updates.

There is no need to spend money with links, that will be the biggest mistake you do. Links are one factor among hundreds of others that Google uses to rank web pages. Even, if you don’t have a single link, but you have a great optimized article, you have the chance to rank well and drive organic traffic.

Wrong Blogging Tips

At the same time, you should forget those spam ways to build links, including, commenting on blogs and so on. Just be professional, you’re building a blog, and that means the content first. Then, make sure you have an optimized theme for speed and SEO, and you will grow your business and succeed naturally.

Submitting your blog to directories

I’m sure you have an idea about how people think about directories. There are thousands of blog sites tells you to submit your link to all their long list of directories that no one visit. You need to avoid that completely, the only directory that can help your is Dmoz and only that.

Search engines are smarter than the last years, their crawlers can find your content better and rank it on the right place. But, when you list your blog on low-quality directory, you’re not only destroying your site, but also, wasting your time with all the hard work.

Google penalizes sites that have lots of low-quality links, and if you look inside these links, you will notice that the majority of them are coming from directories.

 Guest posts

Guest posting is one the largest topics and content that people still look for, however, as a new blogger, you don’t need it anymore. Yes, submitting some posts to high authority sites was a good method to get exposure and backlinks.

If you want to post a guest post, that should be only for traffic or branding, and not for building links. The new Google algorithm sees your posts are spam, and you will risk your blog ranking. Instead of that, create the content that will be your own. If you work hard on your blog, you will see amazing results in the long-term.

Don’t expect to get revenue in the first few weeks, or even 2 months. But if you work properly for some months, traffic will come, and you will thank yourself for not wasting your time writing for the others who take benefits from your hard work.

 Writing for People only

This is right, you don’t need to write for people and forget, that the only way to show that content to people is the search engine visibility. So, no way to get traffic from Google if you completely ignore some basic SEO tips, and following the Google guidelines that every webmaster should understand.

The first thing you need is a good website that follows these guidelines and of course, your content needs some SEO optimizations. At the same time, you need to write the content that people love, and that helps to solve their problem.

The solutions should be simple, and clear. Write for people, and optimize the content for search engines to index and rank it well, or you will be another blogger who writes for people, but who will never get traffic, because Google crawlers can’t access, or see his posts. Keep things easy, Google will access your articles and rank them in order to show your blog in the search engine result page.

These are some of many other wrong blogging tips that I wanted to share. If you really want to succeed, keep in mind that lots of articles that you find online, were created since years, and they will never work for you.

The Google updates solved lots of problems for both searchers and bloggers. Things are simpler than you expect, but, all will be done with the hard work. Spend the time creating your blog and its content, and verify the publication year of what you read online, to avoid applying things that are outdated. That way, you will be safe and your blog will bring good results in the next months.

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